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(OsS) Tiger Brand Torque-Balanced v?^ Three-Strand Wire Rope... engineered to resist rotation, kinking and unwinding. Comparative values for elastic limit of USS TIGER BRAND Torque-Balanced Wire Rope and Conventional Six-Strand ropes. WATER DEPTH Rotation, kinking, unwinding, breakage and cor-rosion are the major problems encountered in virtually every oceanographic hauling, hoisting, rigging, mooring or sounding application. USS TIGER BRAND Torque-Balanced, Three-Strand Wire Rope is the answer to these problems of modern deep ocean exploration. Torque-Balanced Wire Rope is produced in 3 x 7, 3 x 19 and 3 x 37 construction, in either galvanized carbon or stainless steels. Because it is fully preformed during manufacture, neither the wire in the strands nor the strands in the rope will fly apart or fray when cut or severed. These ropes are also pre-tensioned during final production stages in a continuous process that removes struc-tural looseness. USS TIGER BRAND Oceanographic Ropes resist rotation or unwinding even under loads that ap-proach the elastic limit, or 75% of their listed breaking strengths. Lighter but stronger, torque-balanced three-strand wire ropes allow for higher payloads than conventional 6-strand ropes. Yield strengths are approximately 88% of minimum breaking strengths?thus permitting an increase in the suspended load with substantially reduced danger of loss. For nonmagnetic applications, USS TIGER BRAND 3 x 19 Torque-Balanced Oceanographic Ropes can be furnished in USS TENELON Stainless Steel. Further information on USS TIGER BRAND Torque-Balanced Wire Rope is available through your nearest USS Sales Office or by writing United States Steel, P.O. Box 86, (USS 5445) Pittsburgh, Pa. 15230. USS, TIGER BRAND and TENELON are registered trademarks. United States Steel These curves compare safe payloads of USS Torque-Balanced Wire Rope and Conventional Six-Strand Rope. The USS rope will handle approximately 50% more payload. January 1, 1969 5

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