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Todd And APL Sign $32.5 Million Contract

Todd Shipyards Corporation,

New York, N.Y., signed a $32.5 million contract on March 29 with

American President Lines, Ltd. and the Maritime Administration,

U.S. Department of Commerce, for the conversion of five C-4 "Sea- master" freighters to full contain- erships.

Under Maritime's construction- differential subsidy program, the

Government will pay 41.5 percent, or $2,698,375, per ship for the con- version costs, which represents the difference between Todd's bid and the estimated cost of performing the work in a West Europe ship- yard. The 41.5 figure is well below the 45 percent Government con- struction aid ceiling set for 1971 in the Merchant Marine Act of 1970.

The five "Seamasters," which were constructed for American

President Lines in 1967, include the Presidents Fillmore, Grant,

McKinley, Taft, and Van Buren.

Upon conversion, which will re- quire from 345 to 525 days, APL will utilize the vessels in its

U.S. Atlantic, Gulf, and Pacific/In- donesia, Malaysia, and Singapore service. The line has announced plans to convert three more con- ventional freighters to container- ships in the near future.

Todd will do the conversion work, consisting mainly of the addition of a 90-foot midbody and container guides in each hold, in its Los

Angeles, Calif., and Seattle, Wash., yards.

Daniel J. Kane Joins

McAllister Brothers, Inc.

Daniel Kane

Gerard M. McAllister, executive vice president of McAllister Broth- ers, Inc., has announced that Dan- iel Kane, formerly associated with

Massachusetts Port Authority, has joined the sales staff of the Mc-

Allister organization.

A graduate of Fordham Univer- sity and the Academy of Advanced

Traffic, Mr. Kane has had long ex- perience in the many varied phases of transportation. Mr. Kane will concern himself with increased de- velopment of the McAllister inter- ests in towing and barge transpor- tation along the East Coast, em- bracing the ports of Philadelphia,

Norfolk, and New York.

Newport Ship Yard Inc.

Names John Romanelli

Operations Supervisor

John N. Romanelli, a retired

Navy lieutenant commander and former Coordination Director of

Overhaul and Conversion for the

United States Navy at the Electric

Boat Division, General Dynamics

Corporation of Groton, Conn., has been named operations supervisor at the Newport Ship Yard, Inc.,

Newport, R.I.

Following Officers' Training

School, Mr. Romanelli became as- sistant repair officer on the subma- rine repair ship USS Bushnell prior to becoming chief engineer on the fleet submarine USS Seacat.

In 1956, he became division engi- neer of the Submarine Division 121, followed a year later by assign- ment as machinery and hull officer at the United States Submarine

Base at New London, Conn., until 1969, when he carried out his last military assignment at Groton.

In announcing the appointment,

Newport Ship Yard president, Neil

C. Peirson, stated that Mr. Roman- elli would play an important part in the expansion plans at the facili- ty that has seen an increase in Gov- ernment contract work in recent years, as well as in the expected activity of the newly-created Ma- rine Industries Division and Cus- tom Boat Building facility.

Born in Philadelphia, Pa., Mr.

Romanelli joined the Navy in 1947 and served on submarines as an en- listed man for 12 years.

Equitable builds distinctive vessels.

Since 1921 we have been designing and building marine equipment and systems for operation all over the world. Special equipment and systems for unique and specialized use.

In 1947 we built the world's first offshore drilling tender. The ship that brought in Louisiana's first tideland oil discovery. In the 1960's we built four self-propelled drilling ships for worldwide use. And they continue to set standards of operational success.

Also in the 1960's we built a container system for the distribution of products to shallow-water ports in the Caribbean. In 1968 Equitable contracted to build the first LASH barges in the world, and have delivered over 400. In 1970

Equitable contracted to build the world's first SEABEE barge and we're building the prototype. These are major components in a new transportation system that is changing the living habits of millions of people.

And in 1970 we built the 208-foot MANATI, a roll-on/roll-off trailership designed to make the initial container system even more efficient and profitable.

And, in addition to the design and construction of special floating marine equipment, Equitable has become one of the largest builders in the world of tugs, offshore crewboats, oil barges, cargo barges, dredge tenders, towboats, offshore personnel quarters, and other equipment for the maritime and petroleum industries worldwide.

Our stock program is designed for quick delivery, for efficient initial low-cost operation, and has saved our customers thousands of dollars.

Call Equitable for your marine requirements.


P.O. Box 8001, Dept. U New Orleans, Louisiana 70122 504/947-0631 Telex: 058-354 Cable: EQUITY

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