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$40-Million Contract

To Nashville Bridge

For Towboats, Barges

The American Ship Building

Company has received a $40-million contract for. the construction of barges and towboats, it was an- nounced by Jacob O. Kamm, presi- dent. "This is the largest single con- tract ever received by our Nash- ville Bridge Company, the division which will build the barges and towboats," Mr. Kamm said.

The contract calls for construc- tion of 48 double-skinned barges and four 6,150 horsepower tow- boats. The barges will be used to haul fuel oil for the Commonwealth

Edison Company of Chicago. "We now have a backlog at

Nashville in excess of $103,000,000 for barges and towboats;" William

H. Barton Jr., president of the divi- sion, said.

The American Ship Building

Company is involved in the con- struction of ships, barges and tow- boats used in serving energy ori- ented industries. The company has shipyards on the Great Lakes ahd in Tampa, Fla., as well as at Nash- ville, and is currently building a new plant at Ashland City, Tenn., to construct hopper barges. Its common shares are traded on the

New York Stock Exchange.

Nathan Friedland loins

Santa Fe Engineering

Nathan Friedland, well-known naval architect and an instructor in the design of offshore drilling units, has joined Santa Fe Engineering

Services as manager of marine de- sign.

Mr. Friedland will be in charge of the design and development of offshore vessels to be operated by the drilling and construction divi- sions of the parent company, Santa

Fe International Corp., Orange,

Calif. 92668.

During more than 30 years in na- val architecture and ocean engi- neering, Mr. Friedland has contrib- uted to a variety of advanced ma- rine design programs, including the development of hydrofoils, wet and dry manned ^submersibles, surface vessels for offshore exploration and research, and underwater automa- tion.

In 1967-68, Mr. Friedland was chairman of the Los Angeles Met- ropolitan Chapter of The Society of

Naval Architects and Marine Engi- neers. He joined' the faculty of

UCLA in 1973 as a part-time lec- turer for a course in the design of mobile offshore drilling units.

Mr. Friedland holds a B.S. degree in electrical engineering from

Cooper Union Institute of Tech- nology,'New York, and a master's degree in mechanical engineering from Stevens Institute of Technolo- gy, Hoboken, N.J.

He will assist Yoram Goren, vice president of Santa Fe Engineering

Services, who is in charge of Santa

Fe's marine capital projects, includ- ing four drilling vessels and a pipe- laying barge currently under con- struction.

Peru Buys Barges

To Carry Crude From

Amazon River To Brazil

Petroleos del Peru, Peru's state oil company, has purchased a tugboat and five barges to transport crude oil on the Amazon River to Brazil, accord- ing to an announcement by the com- pany's Houston, Texas offices.

The tug and barges were purchased from Spanier Towing. Co. of New

Orleans, La., for about $2 million.

The company has a contract to sell 5,000 barrels of crude a day to Petro- bras, Brazil's state oil company.

The oil will be produced from

Petroperu wells in the Oriente area.

It will be transported by barge from

Trompeteros, Peru, to Manaos, Bra- zil. •i • " ijjjjljl ^ * ' • -i * m

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