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only MARITIME REPORTER/Engineering News covers an ol il...with a circulation to thousands more buyers than any other marine magazine in the world.

MARITIME REPORTER/Engineering News has a world-wide circulation to shoreside buyers (titles listed below) THOUSANDS LARGER than any other marine magazine in the entire world .

This includes more buyers in every market area . . . shallow draft or deep draft . . . oceans, harbors, inland rivers, lakes and offshore oil drilling

These shoreside decision makers want MARITIME REPORTER/Engineering News . . . the total circulation is audited and over 97% requested ... in writing ... by each indi- vidual reader.

These are the buyers we refer to... shoreside men with the authority to give business to all marine advertisers

In vessel operating companies

Directors, owners, agents, presi- dents, vice-presidents, managers, secretaries, treasurers,' port engi- neers, superintendents, purchasing agents, port captains, port stewards, naval architects and engineers shoreside

In shipbuilding & ship repair companies

Directors, owners, presidents, vice- presidents, secretaries, treasurers, superintendents, managers, pur- chasing agents, naval architects, engineers and chief draftsmen

The professional men

Naval architects, engineers and con- sultants shoreside

In 1974, advertise to your entire marine market ... in the requested magazine.

ASK FOR A CIRCULATION STATEMENT . . . Before you advertise in any marine magazine, demand to see an official audited circu- lation statement ... for the truth about the real coverage your advertising receives. Copies of the official B.P.A. statement for

MARITIME REPORTER / Engineering News are available to any- one upon request.




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Maritime Reporter

First published in 1881 Maritime Reporter is the world's largest audited circulation publication serving the global maritime industry.