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Across the world



In 26 countries Transocean Marine Paint is being manufactured to standard world wide formulations. In over 125 ports across the globe this paint is available ready for application under the supervision of trained Transocean personnel. Over 1000 technicians and chemists co-operate in the research and development of the

Transocean range of sophisticated marine coatings.

Wherever you are in the world the Trans- ocean Dolphin symbol is your sign of the best paint service to the ship and fleet owner and your sign of the finest quality marine coatings.

Write for complete details of Transocean, its products, services and member com- panies. ^ITR mi V"

Central Office:

Delftseplein 37, P.O. Box 456

Rotterdam, Holland. TRAHCnrFAN TeL 133423 Telex 2 43 89 tompa nl. iff' MARIMF MIVT PaCifiC LiaiSOn 0,fiCe '' C/° S M4RIKE PA,"T Nippon Paint (Singapore) Co. Pte. Ltd.

P.O. Box 2122, 3 Commonwealth Lane,

Tanglin Halt Industrial Est., Singapore.

Tel. 64 8411 Telex 21381

Shallow-Draft Bulk

Carrier Study Award

To M. Rosenblatt

The U.S. Department of Com- merce, Maritime Administration, has awarded a $197,362 Research & De- velopment contract to M. Rosenblatt & Son, Inc., naval architects and ma- rine engineers of New York, Wash- ington, D.C., and San Francisco, to assess future opportunities for large shallow-draft bulk carriers in U.S. trade.

The very limited ability of vessels 80,000 dwt or larger, which usually have drafts over 40 feet to enter most

U.S. ports, which have a limiting depth of 40 to 45 feet, coupled with the cost and complexity of transship- ping bulk commodities via offshore terminals, makes the development of very large shallow-draft vessels for liquid and dry bulk cargoes appear to be a possibly attractive alternate.

M. Rosenblatt & Son will assess existing technology for such vessels, analyze the economics and national requirements for such a shipping sys- tem and identify options concerning the development of shallow-draft bulk shipping systems. Consultation by the naval architect with Soros

Associates, Det norske Veritas, Mari- time Overseas Corporation, Robert

Nathan Associates, and Robert W. and Robert C. Morrell is contem- plated.

Naval Hydrodynamics

Symposium To Be Held

At M.I.T. June 24-28

The Tenth Naval Hydrodynamics

Symposium will be held June 24-28, 1974 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Mass.

This internationally recognized symposium has been held biennial- ly since 1956, alternately in this country and abroad. This year, the symposium is being sponsored by the U.S. Coast Guard and by

M.I.T., in addition to the tradition- al sponsorship of the U.S. Navy

Office of Naval Research. In keep- ing with the U.S. Coast Guard sponsorship, the dual theme of the symposium is (1) Hydrodynamics

Problems Associated with Safety at

Sea, and (2) Fundamental Problems in Naval Hydrodynamics.

An outstanding technical and so- cial program has 'been planned for registrants and guests. Complete details of the symposium and reser- vation forms are available by writ- ing to Prof. Philip Mandel, M.I.T.,

Room 5-325, 77 Massachusetts Ave- nue, Cambridge, Mass. 02139.

Keep Your Marine

Equipment Ship Shape

Out-of-shape equipment needs im- mediate and professional service, the only kind of attention Bludworth knows. Repair, complete design, construction of all inland and off- shore marine equipment. Excellent accessibility on Houston Ship Chan- nel. • 1700 Ton Drydock (78'x150')

Marine Railways: 1000 Ton, 2000 Ton

Covered Fabrication

Facilities 4000 Feet of Water



HAGGLUNOS has perfected a unique range of electro-hydraulic and all-electric deck cranes with single capacities of 5-40 tons and twin capacities of 2x5 to 2x25 tons.

They can be furnished with automatic control systems such as anti-swinging devices, program control, remote control, cargo spotting, grab equipment, etc.

The full line of deck machinery includes gantry cranes and hydraulic cranes for hose handling.

All HAGGLUNOS electro-hydraulic cranes feature: full start- ing torque, control torque throughout speed range, choice of 2 ranges, resistant reversing.

More than 3,000 HAGGLUNOS cranes serve aboard cargo container, roro ships, bulk carriers and ice breakers.

We'd like to tell you more, contact us:

STAL-LAVAL inc 400 Executive Blvd.. Eimsford, N.Y. 10523 phone: (914) 592-4710






NEW YORK, N.Y. 10016

MUrray Hill 9-3266, 3267, 3268, 3269


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