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3 frequencies, 6 depth ranges

The ELAC solid-state LAZ 51 meets the tough new IMCO and OTAK requirements. It features three frequencies (30, 50 or 200 KHz) and a 6-inch chart recorder with 6 selectable depth ranges. Add our DAZ 6 Digital Depth Indicator, and you have an easily read navigational sounder whose accuracy and reliability are unequalled.

True-bottom readouts

The DAZ 6 displays the LAZ 51 soundings as large four-digit continuous readouts which may be set to show fathoms, feet, meters, or decimeters.

Accuracy is ±0.5% or, with optional crystal control, ±0.01%. Unlike other digital units, the DAZ 6 automatically filters out unwanted echoes from fish, other sounders, etc. True-bottom readouts are assured without manual adjustments. The

DAZ 6 is also equipped with an automatic alarm which can sound at any preset depth. Its digital output can be used to run printers, card punchers, computers, and up to four slave repeaters.

Patented greyline recording

ELAC's patented greyline recording system makes the LAZ 51 very versatile. With it, objects close to the bottom are not lost in strong bottom echoes.

Moreover, while a hard bottom is clearly defined, the depth and solidity of any overlying sediments are shown by the depth and tone of the grey bottom zone.

The LAZ 51 is available with a wide choice of ceramic or magnetostrictive transducers.

Pulse power output is 450 watts at 30 and 50 KHz and 250 watts at 200 KHz.

Five models (each with 6 ranges recorded in fathoms, feet or meters) are available for maximum sounding depths from 60 to750 fathoms.

Echosounders for every need

ELAC Echosounders are the most complete and technically advanced in the world. Standard or narrow beam ceramic or magnetostrictive transducers...70 watts to 5kW pulse outputs with frequencies from 12 to 200 KHz...sounding depths up to 6600 fathoms...chart recorders with a variety of ranges and paper widths from 3 to 8 inches...single and multi-beam sonars...scale expanders...scope calibrators and indicators. Whatever your echosounding needs- navigation, oceanography, off-shore drilling, cable laying, or dredging—you'll find ELAC equipment that's best for the job.

We make our guarantee work

ELAC units have earned a reputation for rugged construction and trouble-free operation. But if maintenance is ever required during or after the one-year guarantee period, you can depend on the trained technicians of over 100 nationwide

ITT Decca Marine dealers and 200 worldwide

ELAC agents to have you underway quickly.

For more information and the name of your nearest dealer, write: ITT Decca Marine, Inc.,

Dept. MR4, 386 Park Avenue

South, New York, New York, 10016, (212) 685-5157. 0HE5D


LAZ 51






Want to see navigation soundings clear across your bridge or chart off-shore sites, find pipelines and survey bottoms?

ELAC has the answer.

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