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Pott Industries Inc.

Emphasizes Service To

Offshore Drilling

Pott Industries Inc., St. Louis,

Mo., has announced that it had dis- posed of its ownership in the Behm

Companies of Osawatomie and

Greeley, Kan., and FatnCo Metals

Limited of Sarnia, Ontario, to Gulf & Western Manufacturing 'Co. for an undisclosed cash sum. These companies were part of Pott's

Metal Fabrication and Distribution


Pott said that while these com- panies had combined sales and rev- enues of $4,961,000 in 1973 and were profitable, they did not fit into the company's long-range plan to concentrate primarily on marine- oriented businesses, with strong emphasis on marine services to the offshore petroleum industry, from which a better and more consistent rate of return on investment is ex- pected.

Carboline Company

Announces Heavy Duty

Flake Glass Coating

The Carboline Company of St.

Louis has announced the release of a new heavy duty flake glass polyester coating having excellent resistance to physical abuse, water and brine.

Carboglas 1678 is applied by spray in one coat at a thickness of 25 mils.

The film contains a labyrinth of over 100 layers of overlapping platelets held in a tough polyester matrix. No primer is required.

The four outstanding features of

Carboglas 1678 are resistance to im- pressed currents, abrasion and impact resistance, prevention of water pene- tration to the steel substrate, and low total applied cost.

Some of the uses for Carboglas 1678 are the protection of under- ground transformers, exterior of buried piping, tanks and other under- ground equipment. Also, for heavy duty marine applications such as barge bottoms, ships rudders and bul- bous bows, traveling dam gates, splash zone of pilings, piers and legs of offshore drilling structures.

Technical information on Carbo- glas 1678 is available from Carboline

Company, 350 Hanley Industrial

Court, St. Louis, Mo. 63144.

Argo Marine Names

Widak Houston Mgr.

Argo International Corp., Marine

Division, has announced the ad- vancement of Michael D. Widak from manager of operations and sales to branch manager of their

Houston, Texas, warehouse and of- fice.

Argo Marine is a prime supplier of mechanical and electrical equip- ment for the steamship industry, with branch offices across the

United States and Europe. Argo also announced the advancement of Edde W. Pabon to electrical sales and Jack A. Caravello to me- chanical sales, at their Houston of- fice.

Crutcher Amends

License Agreement

With Brown & Root

Crutcher Resources Corporation,

P.O. Box 3227, Houston, Texas 77001, has announced it has signed an amended license agreement with

Brown & Root, Inc. on Brown &

Root's rights to use CRC's auto- matic welding system in marine operations.

Don H. Hartmann, president of

Crutcher Resources, said the amendments provided for a $200,- 000 minimum annual advance rental per barge and increased rental charges per weld, due to inflation- ary costs and increasing pipe wall thickness.

Mr. Hartmann said Brown &

Root has committed to a six-barge program for 1974, which guarantees the company a minimum revenue stream of $1.2 million from Brown & Root. Crutcher will receive addi- tional rental payments from each barge that generates revenues in excess of the $200,000 minimum advance.

The $1.2-million payment assures

Crutcher Resources of an amount equal to approximately 200 miles of welding, which compares to 42 ac- tual miles automatically welded in 1973.

An offer you can't refuse.

Jack Harrison. Bill Dealing. Bill Kwitchoff.

Three nice guys.

Until something doesn't go the way they want it to. Then they turn into the toughest SOB's south of the 45th parallel.

They're our ship superintendents, and they've gotten very used to getting jobs done the right way. And they've gotten very good at getting it done that way.

Even if it means being available to your port engineer at 3 A.M., if necessary.

Next time you need a major conver- sion—or just a voyage repair—come see us. Now that you've had a look at the guys doing the pushing, you know this is not an invitation you should turn down.

Savannah Machine and Shipyard Ca

P.O. Box 787, Savannah, Ga. 31402,Tele. (912) 233-6621 5 World Trade Center, Room 6237, N.Y., N.Y. 10048,

Tele. (212) 432-0350

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