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make no mistake about it! exception! operational ease... when dealing with frequency changes for reliable marine communications

The ITT Mackay Marine Type 224A MF/HF SSB Radiotelephone is a synthesized transceiver of- fering UNLIMITED CHANNEL CAPACITY (with 100 Hz resolution) in all marine bands from 1.6

MHz to 22 MHz. Using preprogrammed punched cards for transmit and receive frequencies and mode of operation, the versatile 224A SSB Radiotelephone also provides DIGITAL READOUT (LED) for both the transmit and receive frequencies insuring reliable operation.

Additional design features that enable this unit to satisfy the communication requirements of both large and small ships include full remote control unit, full automatic tuning of Linear Am- plifier and Antenna Tuner, and full 400-watt PEP output on high frequencies with automatic re- duction to 150 watts below 4 MHz in accordance with FCC regulations.

You can also select any number of frequencies without regard to frequency grouping in the marine bands.

Write or call Ed Engebretson, General Sales Manager, today for complete information on this reliable assurance-backed transceiver. ITT Mackay Marine, Dept. MR-1 2912 Wake Forest Road,

Raleigh, North Carolina 27611, Telephone: (919) 828-4441.

ITT Mackay Marine

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