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New for the Marine Industry- a single package inorganic zinc

Saves Time and Money: -- No mixing of components -- No potlife problems — Applies by airless or conventional spray

Offers Proved Protection: -- Cathodically protects steel -- As a "Permanent Primer". . . prevents undercutting of topcoats — Withstands water contact 15 minutes after application — Proved in use and service by major shipyards and owners

DIMETCOTEE-Z* "the easy inorganic zinc"

What's so easy about Dimetcote E-Z?

Just this. Dimetcote E-Z is the first inorganic ziijc coating ever to be produced as an easy-to-use, single-package prod- uct. That means it eliminates most of the problems inherent with older two-package coatings. With Dimetcote E-Z you get no potlife problems; when used according to directions it won't set up in the pot and ruin your equipment, and you don't have to throw it away if you don't use it all. Also, since it comes ready to use in a single can, you don't have to worry about complex mixing ratios.

Like ordinary paint you just open the can, put it in the pot and spray.

That's what's so easy about it.

For free information about how "the easy inorganic zinc" can help solve your application and corrosion control problems, write today requesting: "Dimetcote E-Z Information."


CORROSION CONTROL DIVISION (Formerly Amercoat Corporation)

Home Office: 201 N. Berry St., Brea, California 92621

PATENT NO. 3,653,930 ttn . »n» ,»„.uc™«> ««»"""'




International sales offices and plants: Amercoat Europa N.V., The Hague, Holland; Amercoat of Canada Limited, Burlington, Ontario,

Canada; Amercoat Mexicana S.A., Mexico City, Mexico; Amercoat Japan, Ltd., Yokohama, Japan; Amercoat Do Brasil, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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