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Alden Introduces

FM Facsimile Recorders

Alden Electronic & Impulse

Recording Equipment Co., Inc. announces the introduction of a line of FM facsimile recorders designed for use aboard ships or wherever facsimile graphics via

FM circuits are desired.

The recorders are available in both lO^-inch and 18-inch-wide versions. Both versions are pro- vided with shock mounts for mo- bile or shipboard use.

Both recorders operate from

FM transmissions over telephone lines or radio circuits with a built-in frequency shift converter for the international F4 standard (1500 Hz black, 2300 Hz white).

The recorders are compatible with all HF general communications receivers and incorporate wink- ing light monitors to simplify receiver tuning.

The recorders use Alfax elec- trosensitive recording paper to provide clean, crisp, odorless re- cordings which are permanent, will not smudge, fade or darken.

A four-page brochure describ- ing the Alden 1100 and 1800 Se- ries of FM Facsimile Recorders is available free by writing to

John P. Carlson, Alden Electronic & Impulse Recording Equipment

Co., Inc., Alden Research Center,

Westborough, Mass. 01581.

Norfolk Ship Names

Richardson And Eure

To New Positions —Officers Reelected

R.B. Richardson Jr.

At the recent annual board of directors meeting of Norfolk Ship- building & Drydock Corporation, the following company officers were reelected:

John L. Roper 2nd, chairman of the board; John L. Roper 3rd, president and chief executive of- ficer; E.L. Pickler Jr., vice pres- ident; George W. Roper II, vice president; J.G. Price, vice presi- dent of production; W.D. Payne, assistant vice president; P.R.

Price Jr., assistant vice president;

E.L. Carlyle, treasurer, and M.R.

Griffin, secretary.

C.H. Eure Jr.

Also at this board meeting, the following men were elected to the following new positions:

R.B. Richardson Jr., senior vice president and chief financial offi- cer, and C.H. Eure Jr., vice presi- dent of plant facilities and oper- ations, assistant secretary and assistant to the president.

Mr. Richardson has been with

Norfolk Ship for 34 years, serv- ing as treasurer and director of finance. Mr. Eure is a graduate of Hampden-Sydney, and George

Washington University, and has been with the yard for 16 years.

John L. Roper 3rd, president and chief executive officer, in his annual report listed sales in 1976 at $54 million, compared to $52 million in 1975. The sales in 1976 were nearly equally divided be- tween government and commercial sales.

Mr. Roper expressed optimism for 1977, as the current work load was at an all-time high. He further stated that the new ex- pansion of the Berkley (Va.)

Plant would greatly increase sales. iffise" has marine engineers all over the world to keep your ship moving. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ where in the world,toservice your GE electrical or mechanical equipment. But to minimize the chance of unplanned downtime, we'll contract to maintain your ship's General Electric systems and equipment in top working order, year round. ^

For full information, write General Electric Co.,

Section 950-21, Schenectady, New York 12345.

Who will be there when your ship comes in? *INSTALLATION AND SERVICE ENGINEERING DIVISION

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