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Title XI Requested For 165,000-DWT Tankers

Building At Avondale

Two subsidiaries of IOT Cor- poration—Shipco 2297, Inc., and

Shipco 2298, Inc., 1400 Three

Parkway, Philadelphia, Pa.—have applied for Title XI guarantees to aid in financing the construc- tion of two 165,000-dwt segre- gated ballast tankers under con- struction at Avondale Shipyards,

Inc., New Orleans, La.

Each vessel is scheduled for de- livery in 1979. They will be 906 feet long, 173 feet abeam, and have operating drafts of approxi- mately 55 feet. They will require 26 crewmen each, and are esti- mated to cost $92,225,000 each.

The vessels will be operated by

Interocean Management Corpora- tion to carry crude oil from Val- dez, Alaska, to the U.S. West

Coast for the Standard Oil Com- pany of Ohio (SOHIO). It is es- timated that 23.5 round trips will be made per year.

Moody Offshore Asks

Title XI Guarantee

For Tug/Supply Vessel

Moody Offshore, Inc., 702 Moody

National Bank Tower, Galveston,

Texas, has applied for a Title XI guarantee to aid in financing the construction of an offshore serv- ice vessel, the M/V Java Seal, a 2,500-hp oceangoing tug/supply vessel.

The application supersedes an earlier one submitted by Moody on September 11, 1975. The de- preciated actual cost of the ves- sel, which was delivered May 14, 1976, by Rockport Yacht and Sup- ply Company, Inc., Rockport, Tex- as, is $2.2 million. It has dimen- sions of 185 feet by 38 feet by 15 feet and is rated at 263 gross tons.

The Java Seal will be operated by Sealcraft Operators, Inc. in the worldwide offshore drilling trade. Moody Offshore is owned by Robert L. Moody of Galveston.

Sealcraft and other affiliated or- ganizations own and operate 13 offshore supply vessels.

Literature Describes

Solid State Salinity

Indicating System

A new compact and low-priced

Galbraith Pilot-Marine Solid State

Salinity Indicating Panel designed to measure and monitor the amount of salt or chlorides dis- solved in water is being marketed by Marine Electric RPD, Inc., 166

National Road, Edison, N.J.

The GPM Salinity Indicating

Panel incorporates a solid-state design and should prove extreme- ly valuable in the field of water purification and treatment. The unit is equipped with a remotely installed sensing cell and con- stantly monitors the saline con- centration. Local and remote alarms are triggered when the salinity concentration reaches a preset level. The unit also auto- matically dumps contaminated fluids during alarm conditions.

Among the many features of the GPM new Salinity Indicating

Panel are its high accuracy due to automatic temperature com- pensation and a built-in voltage control regulator which keeps readings accurately during power- line variations. The unit, which can be flush and bulkhead mount- ed, provides meter readings in grains per gallon, parts per mil- lion or thousand, equivalents per million and megohms per cubic centimeter micromohms.

The GPM Salinity Indicating

Panel, which is totally enclosed in a die-cast frame with front panel resistant to abrasion, re- quires no maintenance and should prove valuable for use with evap- orators and saline water conver- sion plants, boiler feed and con- densate systems, reactor systems and powerplants.

Literature describing this new

GPM Salinity Indicating Panel is available from Robert Sterns, Ma- rine Electric RPD, Inc., 166 Na- tional Road, Edison, N.J. 08817.

If we told you that the

Litton MTAS-1000 Marine

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