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Gas frees — Ventilates — Cools and it's portable! 11,V-4TUGS

Engine room parts, valves, etc.

Deck equipment also available including Almon Johnson series 225 towing winches. Tugs are complete except for wheel house equipment. Electrical parts run on 230V D.C.





This is a modern updated vessel complete with Nordberg T.S.M., main engine, 2 - D343 Cat w/Kato 230/460 A.C. and 200 K.W. Generators, 2 Waukesha V-12 model L5790 DSU w/500 K.W.

G.E. D.C. generators, deck equipment, modern crew living quarters and office furniture.

We also stock fans, generators, pumps, and motors for victory ships, destroyers and destroyer escorts.

For information contact:

Lane Whitmore or Marty Brashem at (206) 572-4000 1902 Marine View Drive

Tacoma, Wa 98122 (206) 572-4000

Telex: 327435TAC • Cable: GENMETEX

Barker Elected Chairman

Of 1977 AOTOS Committee

James R. Barker, chairman, president and chief executive of- ficer of Moore McCormack Re- sources, Inc., Stamford, Conn., has been elected chairman of the 1977 Admiral of the Ocean Sea

Award (AOTOS) committee, suc- ceeding Thomas J. Smith, the president of Farrell Lines.

The award, a silver statue of

Christopher Columbus, represents that granted to Columbus by-

Queen Isabella of Spain in 1493.

This year's recipient is James A.

Farrell Jr., the chairman of Far- rell Lines.

Sixth LNG/LPG Meeting

Gastech 78 To Be Held

Nov. 7-10 In Monte Carlo

Gastech 78, the sixth LNG/

LPG meeting in the series, will be held from November 7-10, 1978, in the new Spelugues Con- ference Centre in Monte Carlo,

Monaco. The meeting thus re- turns to Europe, following the outstandingly successful Gastech 76 conference and exhibition in

New York last year at which more than 1,000 participants were registered.

The Gastech 78 meeting will bring together leading specialists from the world's liquid natural gas and liquid petroleum gas in- dustries for the presentation of a comprehensive and varied pro- gram of conference papers and for working discussions in a re- laxed, informal atmosphere. As with previous Gastech meetings, there will be a program of tech- nical tours. These will be to cen- ters of advanced French technol- ogy in the liquid gas industries, including shipbuilding, storage and gas terminals.

An associated exhibition of

LNG/LPG equipment and serv- ices will be held in conjunction with the 1978 conference. A num- ber of companies have already reserved stands and as the total space available in the Monte Carlo venue is relatively restricted, the organizers anticipate that all stands will soon be booked.

The Gastech 78 Papers Com- mittee will shortly be meeting to consider the format of the con- ference program: intending speak- ers are invited to write to the

Gastech Secretariat, 2 Station

Road, Rickmansworth, Herts WD3 1QP, England, for fuller partic- ulars. "FflSTIJ

FROM LINE to "O o si! v> w

Line Fast's new Fastloc® has many timesaving features, such as the anti-jamming device for free lever operation which eliminates one of the major problems encountered in leverlock securing.

Another time and money saving feature is the "Dog

Bone", which enables side-by-side bridging of stacked containers.

The Fastloc® can be installed safely and speedily to the bottom of a container before it is lifted aboard the ship. This bottom lock feature, together with a pole- activated handle, eliminates the need to have men climbing atop the containers.

We promised for years to be ahead of our competition and we kept our promise again.

For more information, write or call...

Request a catalog of container fittings from:


CORPORATION 805 Grundy Ave- Holbrook, New York 11741 U.S.A. 516-981-8666 TELEX 12-6512

L.F. has every container port in the U.S. and Canada.




NEW YORK, N.Y. 10016

MUrroy Hill 9-3266, 3267, 3268,3269


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No. 12 Volume 39 • CP-20 high volume ventilator—11,200 cfm • Fits standard 20" manways. • Steam or compressed air turbine drive. • Speeds up "turn- arounds" • Flip-flop design for supply or exhaust applications.

Fast degassing, ventilating and cooling large process vessels, frac- tionators, stills, reactors, storage tanks. Gets maintenance men on the job sooner— reduces turn-around time, reduces costs.

Ideal for painting, lining and con- struction contractors during welding, chipping, sandblasting, painting.

Immediate shipment from stock locations world-wide.

COPPUS Specialists in Portable Ventilation


Main Office: 344 Park Ave., Worcester, Mass. 01610 U.S.A.

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