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Engineering Works Div.

Dravo Corp. Names

McCullough Superintendent

Electro-Nav Now

Sole U.S. Distributor

Of BEN Speed Logs

Electro-Nav president Robert

Negron has announced that his company, one of the nation's top marine electronic distributors, has been appointed sole U.S. repre- sentative for the entire BEN

Electro-Magnetic Speed Log line.

The BEN Speed Log is a com- bination ship speedometer/odom- eter that saves on fuel costs, in- creases operational efficiency, and interfaces with existing equip- ment like sat/nav, radar and col- lision avoidance gear to achieve greater navigational accuracy. It improves coordination between vessel and home office, and expe- dites schedule maintenance.

The BEN can measure speeds as low as 5 feet per hour, which makes it an effective maneuver- ing aid, even for supertankers.

It is also very sensitive to speed variations and will even register, at once, the speed drop caused by a snagged net on a moving fishing vessel, permitting imme- diate action.

One important feature of all

BEN Speed Logs is the retract- able transducer which mounts flush on the hull. There are no external probes to bend or break, maintenance work is performed from inside the vessel and instal- lation and calibration can be com- pleted in just one watch period.

The BEN Speed Log line in- cludes a wide variety of logs, transducers and auxiliary speed and distance indicators, permit- ting substantially custom outfit- ting for vessels of any size, in any service.

For additional information, write Electro-Nav, 1201 Corbin

Street, Elizabeth Marine Termi- nal, Elizabeth, N.J. 07201. as 777 e/6

USA Canada m Mf ^^^ • HHj • • J. M. Voith GmbH VOITH

P.O. Box 1940, D-7920 Heidenheim Krupp International Inc. Diamond Canapower Ltd. 550 Mamaroneck Ave. 1122 Pioneer Road

Harrison, N.Y. 10528 Burlington, Ontario ^fe^F I H I H ® (0 73 21) 32 21 , [fx] 71 4 866

Ralph D. McCullough

Dravo Corporation's Engineer- ing Works Division has announced the appointment of Ralph D.

McCullough as superintendent of the marine ways.

Mr. McCullough joined Dravo in 1939 and has held various su- pervisory positions, most recently as assistant superintendent of the

Dravo boat yard at Neville Island,


Dravo's Engineering Works Di- vision operates one of the nation's largest inland waterway shipyards at Neville Island, near Pittsburgh.

Samson Names Rauhut

Vice President & Counsel

Maritime Reporter/Engineering News


Water Tractor

In the fifties, Wolfgang Baer developed the concept of a ship-handling tug in which the drive and control are arranged forward and the towing gear aft.

The decision of far-sighted towing companies made the introduction of this new type of vessel feasible. Since then many years of experience have led to a world wide break- through of this idea.

Called the Voith Water Tractor, this ship-handling tug has established an unequalled reputation in modern ports.

It is therefore understandable that now and again attempts are made to copy this concept.

However, the Voith-Schneider

Propeller is to the original

Voith Water Tractor what the rotor is to the helicopter.

In addition to the hundreds in service there are today alone 66 Voith Water Tractors with powers up to 4.000 HP per vessel under construction.

We'll be pleased to inform you in greater detail.

Stanley E. Rauhut has been named to the post of vice presi- dent and counsel of Samson Ocean

Systems, Inc., Boston, Mass., ac- cording to an announcement by

Jerry J. Jones, president.

In his new post, Mr. Rauhut will be primarily involved with the Samson Undersea Services

Division, which operates diving support vessels and provides hy- perbaric welding, nondestructive testing and unmanned vehicle services throughout the world.

Mr. Rauhut joined Samson

Ocean Systems, Inc. in 1976 as their counsel, and previously served with Brown & Root, Inc. on their legal staff. He is a grad- uate of the University of Texas,

School of Law, is licensed to ap- pear before the Texas and Mas- sachusetts Bars, and the Federal

Courts of the 1st and 5th Cir- cuit Courts of Appeal, and is a member of the American and

Houston Bar Associations and the

Maritime Law Association of the

United States.

Fig. 1) A total of 18 Voith Water

Tractors will operate in Europoort and in Rotterdam when the last two 3.000-HP tractors of the new series go into service.

Fig. 2) Voith-Schneider Propeller 28 G 11/185

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