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PRODUCT CARRIERS against contamination of their cargoes

Sasebo Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

Hull No. 243 "CROWN HOPE" is equipped with PrimaVac.

Schematic arrangement of cargo piping system aboard the "CROWN HOPE."

In a single operation, the PrimaVac System, utilizing only the ship's main cargo pump, will handle the entire discharge of a product. Then, only one pump and its at- tendant piping need be cleaned between the exchange of products... not a cargo pump plus a stripping pump and all the piping for each.

On the ships carrying only three or four products, one pump can be used for each product. With PrimaVac, the need for clean-up can therefore be eliminiated ... but can- not be where stripping pumps are used.

Product carriers, equipped with four main cargo pumps and two stripping pumps, require more operator attention and take longer to unload compared to PrimaVac which can strip with four pumps simultaneously. In most cases,

PrimaVac can be added to your existing pumps with a minimum of piping changes.

With other systems, using vacuum pumps, unless each cargo pump has its own independent priming system, (a costly installation), the cross contamination potential is increased since the system must be inter-connected to all cargo pumps.

To sum it up, the PrimaVac System has all the advan- tages and none of the disadvantages. PrimaVac does not vent to the atmosphere but conserves valuable gases in the product discharge. It saves valuable time by speeding up pumping and stripping, eliminates costly auxiliary pumps and piping, performs automatically without an operator in attendance, reduces maintenance, has a min- imum of moving parts, protects the pump from overheat- ing, saves space and weight and is easy to install.

PrimaVac Systems have been installed world-wide for the past ten years on ships of 10,800 to 412,000 dwt with pump capacities from 625 to 26,000 gpm. They can be furnished for any pump size and capacity; standard units are available with discharge diameters up to 30".

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