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Dravo SteelShip

Expands Facilities

Dravo SteelShip Corporation,

Pine Bluff, Ark., has announced completion of a new addition to their main fabricating plant. This new addition is the first expansion since SteelShip Corporation was acquired by Dravo Corporation of

Pittsburgh, Pa., in August 1976.

The new 11,000-square-foot ad- dition to their manufacturing fa- cility has a clearance under the crane hook of 25 feet, allowing prefabrication of large compo- nents inside the structure. Ed- ward D. Fry, vice president/ general manager of Dravo Steel-

Ship Corporation, estimates it will make possible a 25 percent in- crease in their production capa- bilities.

In addition to production facil- ities, the plant's expansion in- cludes a new truck unloading dock, and inside storage for heavy engines and machinery. The new facilities also include locker room and lunchroom for an additional 150 employees.

Dravo SteelShip has recently completed a new outfitting dock used for boat and barge repairs, as well as new construction.

In addition to the vessels being constructed under contract, Dravo

SteelShip Corporation is presently building four of their standard

SteelShip 48, SteelShip 50, and

Mid-Streamer 52 vessels which are offered for sale as stock boats.

For more information concern- ing any of Dravo SteelShip's wide range of pushboats and special barges, write Edward D. Fry, vice president/general manager, Dravo

SteelShip Corporation, Route 4,

Box 167, Pine Bluff, Ark. 71602.

USCG Certified

No-Discharge Oxidizing

Toilet Now Available

An oxidizing toilet that can be fueled by either diesel oil or pro- pane gas has been designed to meet commercial marine sanita- tion requirements by Clear Water,

Inc., Walworth, Wis. Called Sani-

Rator, the toilet has been tested by Underwriters Laboratory and certified as a Type III USCG MSD.

It eliminates the need for sewage and saltwater piping, holding tanks, deodorizing chemicals and costly installation. It is particu- larly practical for use on tugs, barges, fishing boats, and other workcraft where space is limited.

The Sani-Rator can be installed most anywhere onboard a vessel where above-deck exhaust venti- lation is possible. With the con- venience of installation and the low cost of operation and mainte- nance, it would be practical for multiple installation or remote locations on large vessels, says the manufacturer.

The Sani-Rator has the capac- ity to handle the needs of a 12- man crew in a 24-hour day. The automatic cycle is timed to re- move all moisture from the cham- ber in about 14 minutes. During peak use periods, the cycle can be interrupted.

Sani-Rator units are constructed of polished stainless steel, ductile

Ni-Resist cast steel and porce- lainized iron. All toilets are fac- tory guaranteed against defective materials.

For more information concern- ing operation or installation of the fully certified Sani-Rator, contact

John Trimble, Clear Water, Inc., a subsidiary of LaMere Indus- tries, 227 North Main Street, Wal- worth, Wis.

Nippon Oil To Explore

Continental Shelf With

American Companies

The Nippon Oil Company an- nounced in Tokyo that it would start exploration on the conti- nental shelf between Japan and

South Korea, in partnership with

South Korean and American com- panies. The venture is the third in the area by Japanese compa- nies since ratification by Japan of a continental shelf agreement with South Korea on June 9.

In the latest venture, Nippon

Oil said that participants include the Korean American Oil Com- pany and units of Texaco and

Chevron Oil Companies as well as its own subsidiary, Nippon Oil


We are the most International paint company. "The world's largest manufacturer of marine coatings" is not a hollow phrase.

It means that wherever you are, we are.

Specifically, International Marine

Coatings has 37 manufacturing plants around the world. We have agents and stock in almost every single major port, insuring on-the-spot delivery and service.

Our experience encompasses the broadest possible spectrum of coat- ing systems...for all world cargoes, for all waters, in all climates. Moreover, each of our sales and service repre- sentatives is fully experienced in all phases of new ship construction and M&R.

We are indeed the most global marine coatings company. And we have almost 100 years of knowledge that we'd like to share with you. \nurcau«u/

International Marine Coatings

Executive Sales Office: 17 Battery Place North, New York, NY 10004 3915 Louisa Street. P O Box 26067 New Orleans LA 70186 220 South Linden Avenue, South San Francisco. CA 94080

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