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Marine Surveyors To Hold 19th Marine Conference

In New York In October

Joseph V. Sheridan, chairman, announced that The National As- sociation of Marine Surveyors (NAMS) will hold their 19th An- nual Marine Conference at the

Hotel Americana in New York

City on Thursday, Friday and

Saturday October 20, 21 and 22, 1977.

The three-day seminar on ma- rine surveying and allied topics will be held in conjunction with a meeting of the membership on the morning of Saturday, Octo- ber 22.

This will mark a new phase in the NAMS series of conferences.

In the past, they were one-day meetings with expert speakers on marine topics that cover the ma- rine survey profession. This year's innovation includes, that in addi- tion to the speakers, the second day will consist of several round- table meetings where attendees will be able to select from among the topics on the agenda that are of most interest to them. Follow- ing brief presentations from the moderator and the panel of speak- ers, there will be an open meeting for questions from the floor.

NAMS is the professional asso- ciation of marine surveyors, with members located throughout the

United States, Canada, Central

America, South America and Eu- rope.

Guests at the Annual Marine

Conference are drawn from all facets of the marine and insur- ance industry and Government.

Any person interested in at- tending should write to NAMS-

Marine Conference, P.O. Box 55,

New York, N.Y. 10038.

ITT Decca Marine

Eight-Page Brochure

Explains Loran C

As a service to the marine community, ITT Decca Marine uses two of eight full-color pages in an 8y2-inch by 11-inch brochure to explain what Loran C is, how it works to provide accurate nav- igation fixes, the difference be- tween Loran A and Loran C, and the U.S. Coast Guard recommen- dations for Loran C receivers.

Colorful charts and diagrams are easy to follow and informative.

Also covered are the relative values of pre-programmed re- ceivers, full-system groundwave receivers, and groundwave sky- wave receivers such as the models 701, 708 and DL91MK2.

Brochures will be sent free upon request. Multiple copies for use as educational aids should be re- quested on the letterhead of the teaching organization (Power

Squadron, C.G. Auxiliary, etc.).

Brochures are available from

Alan Thompson, ITT Decca Ma- rine, P.O. Box "G", Palm Coast,

Fla. 32037.

TOP BRASS —In recognition of his continuing efforts in support of the American merchant ma- rine, Albert B. Wenzell, vice pres- ident and general manager, Pa- cific Division of Prudential Lines, was the recipient of the San

Francisco Propeller Club's an- nual Brass Hat Award. Here, Mr.

Wenzell (right) accepts the 1977

Brass Hat plaque from Thomas

Crowley, president of Crowley

Maritime Enterprises and The

Propeller Club. Four of the six remaining American-flag passen- ger ships still in service are owned and operated by Prudential. The four Cruiseliners—Santas Maria,

Mariana, Mercedes and Magda- lena — are American registered and staffed by an American crew.

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