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Whether your vessel needs a shave and a haircut, a touch of paint, or it's bottom pinched and patted by our salty, talented ship repair ex- perts, give us a call. We'll have you in, up, and out and back earning profits fast — if we have to work around the clock to do it. 24-hour service, backed up by the best equipped shipyard in the Pacific

Northwest. We do the 'huli' thing.



PHONE 206-292-5656


CABLE LOCKSHIP 3 floating drydocks to 18000 tons

Shipways to 100 x 700 feet • Piers to 1100 feet $17.5-Million Contract

Awarded To DeLong

For Two Jackup Piers

DeLong Corporation, 29 Broad- way, New York, N.Y. 10006, has obtained a contract for the instal- lation in the port of Puerto Ca- bello, Venezuela, of two DeLong jackup piers to be supplied by

DeLong-Hersent S.A. Each pier will have a finger configuration and will accommodate two 20,000- ton general cargo ships. The total amount of the supply and instal- lation contracts will be $17.5 mil- lion. The contract calls for the facility to be operational within seven months from date of sig- nature of the contract.

Proposal Calls For

Ship's Spare Parts

To Be Based Ashore

The Maritime Subsidy Board (MSB) has authorized publication in the Federal Register of a no- tice that it is proposing a new policy permitting spare parts to be based ashore. The proposal also specifies a predetermined lim- it on the amount of construction- differential subsidy (CDS) for the cost of machinery and electric plant spare parts which are in ad- dition to those required by the

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). This policy will apply to all ships now under contract and will form a basis for permitting

CDS for a Change Under Con- tract, provided that a request for subsidy is submitted to MarAd before delivery of the vessel.

Presently, CDS is permitted only for spare parts carried aboard ship, except for spare pro- pellers and tail shafts. The pro- posed policy provides a table of 23 classes (based on cost) of ma- chinery and the applicable per- missible percentage of the base cost of the equipment which the spares may represent. The allow- ance for the spares in excess of

ABS requirements (which are customarily included in the base cost of the equipment) will be included in the contract price for all new contracts. Allowances will be fixed, and changes in existing contracts will be computed based on the original estimate. The choice of necessary spare parts will be left to the owner.

Parties having an interest in the matter may file written com- ments with the Secretary, MSB,

Room 3099-B, Maritime Admin- istration, Department of Com- merce, Washington, D.C. 20230.



PROBLEMS. "D" Ring Stacking Peg Midloc "O CD

O 2L 35" »

CD 3

Q. 5"


Q> 3

Q. (/>


C 5" CO

Q. 2L o o

ST 5"



It engages a Pinloc, Fastloc, and Midloc for secure stacking without lashing. It is 1" high (25.4 mm), has two drain slots, and its rounded contours make it no obstacle to on- or below-deck movement of heavy lifts. It is ideal for Ro-Ro operations. List price $3.91.

Designed by LINE FAST engineers for versatility and efficiency, this deck socket is practical and economical.

Request a catalog of container fittings from:



New York 805 Grundy Ave., Holbrook 11741 516-981-8666 Telex 12-6512

San Francisco

Pier 40 #17, The Embarcadero94107 415-957-1830


Philadelphia,Baltimore,Norfolk/Hampton Roads: Egan Marine Contract Co.,

Inc. (301) SA 7-3052 • Wilmington ,N.C.: The Lowder Company (919)763-0464

Charleston, Savannah, Jacksonville: Southern Marine & Industrial Supply (912) 234-6646 • Miami: J. B. Cazary, Inc. (305) 595-7447 • Tampa: Banks

Wire Rope & Slings, Inc. (813) 247-3996 • Mobile: Southern Marine Supply (205) 432-5657 • New Orleans: Elm Supply Co., Inc. (504) 529-5871 •

Houston: The Lowder Company (713) 7^8-5456 • California: Line Fast West (415) 957-1830 • Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Anchorage, Honolulu:

Washington Chain & Supply, Inc. (206) 623-8500 • Great Lakes Area:

Suppliers Marine & Industry, Inc. (216) 468-0445 • Canada: Marine Container

Services, Inc. (514) 489-5337 • Haifa: Layam, Co., Ltd. 668364-9 • Oslo: Finn

Koren, A.S. (02) 115132 • Santiago, Valparaiso: Intermodal Container

Services Ltd., Santiago 724668, Valparaiso59126




NEW YORK, N.Y. 10016

MUrray Hill 9-3266, 3267, 3268, 3269


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