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Union Mechling Names

Parker Fleet Manager

H.E. Parker

H.E. Parker has joined Union

Mechling Corporation, the subsid- iary barge line of Dravo Corpo- ration, as fleet manager. He will be headquartered in Pittsburgh,

Pa., and will have responsibility for towboat and barge assignment and scheduling.

Mr. Parker has 17 years' expe- rience in industrial engineering, production control and transpor- tation. He was formerly general transportation manager, bulk op- erations, for Hunt-Wesson Foods,


Mr. Parker is a graduate of

California Polytechnic University,

Pomona, Calif.

G.E. Marine Gas

Turbines To Power

German Frigate Ships

The Federal Republic of Ger- many has announced selection of the General Electric LM2500 ma- rine gas turbine as the power plant for its new F-122 class of frigate ships. The LM2500 is produced by GE's Marine and In- dustrial Projects Department in

Evendale, Ohio.

The initial order is for 12 ma- rine gas turbine modules, two for each of six new 3,400-ton frigates.

As a result of this order, a com- plete LM2500 engine support and maintenance center will be estab- lished in West Germany.

O.R. Bonner, general manager of the Marine and Industrial Proj- ects Department, noted that with the receipt of this order "the

General Electric LM2500 marine gas turbine has now been selected by the navies of two nations to power new naval craft, thus mak- ing the LM2500 the world leader in gas turbine propulsion." He added that "today, the LM2500 is operational in six U.S. Navy

Spruance-class destroyers as well as the U.S. Navy/NATOPHM hy- drofoil ship."

The LM2500's efficient design, coupled with the low fuel con- sumption, provides ships with improved operational capabilities and flexibility, allowing extended range and the ability to carry a greater volume and weight of weaponry. The LM2500 is de- signed for long life, permitting extended overhaul intervals and lower maintenance costs. Main- tainability features of the LM- 2500, based on the GE CF6 aircraft engine, permit faster maintenance, increasing a shipV operational availability.

The LM2500 was designed, and has been fully qualified through a series of exhaustive tests by the U.S. Navy, for naval marine service. To date, the LM2500s have logged over 100,000 hours of marine service.

The Iranian Navy has also se- lected the LM2500 to power its version of the Spruance-class ships. This year, the first of a fleet of U.S. Navy FFG guided missile frigates, powered by two

LM2500 gas turbines, will go into active service. Australia has or- dered this class of ship for its


The first Italian fast frigate, the Lupo, was launched last year, and has successfully completed its propulsion sea trials. This ship has been selected by the

Italian, Peruvian and Venezuelan navies. Other LM2500 installa- tions include the new Danish

Navy KV-72 class of Corvettes, the new Indonesian Navy patrol ships, and a new class of Saudi

Arabian gunboats. The 10 coun- tries that have selected LM2500s to power new shipbuilding pro- grams represent more than 150 ships. With this buy, the German

Navy, one of the leading NATO powers, joins the growing num- ber of world navies powered by the LM2500.

The year that changed maritime communications, forever.

WCHHEL.DCOMPAN, weather or ionospheric disturbances.

Clean, clear communications, linked with worldwide commercial networks, that can save you money through improved man- agement of your marine operations—by eliminating delays, minimizing costly downtime, expediting deliveries. . . and even improve safety at sea.

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COMSAT General antenna, before installation of radome, t on tanker Arco Fairbanks.

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Now, ships and offshore facilities flying the flags of more than a dozen different countries are linked instantaneously via

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Increased Services. In fact, only

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