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Hydranautics moves the Immovables.

HYDRANAUTICS 6338 Lindmar Dr.

P.O. Box 1068

Goleta, California 93017

Telephone (805) 964-7747

Telex: 658445



Houston, London, Bahrain

Three synchronized Trans-Lift units were used to move this LNG sphere 1500, from construction building to awaiting barge for shipment.

Like a 12-story, 850 ton liquid natural gas sphere... plus ships and derricks and bridges and barges and buildings and nuclear reactors and process modules and oil rigs and stadia and missiles and monuments and ...

At Hydranautics, designing and manufacturing the equipment to move the world's "im- movables" is our business. Our heavy load translation systems are used by companies all over the world, in the ship-building, offshore oil, heavy construction, industrial process and aerospace industries.

Hydranautics-designed systems accomplish the translation tasks of skidding a load along rails or other prepared surfaces, walking a load over unprepared surfaces or lifting a load with precision and safety.

Hydranautics engineers custom-design each of these systems to specific customer load requirements.

Then we manufacture the system to assure design integrity and strict quality control, providing the customer a one-source responsibility for all system compo- nents. If you'd like to know more about what it takes to move "immovables", call or write for our heavy load translation brochure. If your need is more immediate, we'll come to you anywhere in the world, without obligation.

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