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After over23,000 hours, piston #1 of the starboard engine of an EMD 16-645 E7 shows light lacquer on skirt; rings in good condition, none stuck; only normal drag lines. Tornus Oil fights wear and lacquer buildup.

Much of the lead overlay is still intact on this wrist pin bushing from an EMD-12 645 E5 after 18,864 engine hours. No feathering of silver into the grooves. Tornus

Oil has provided excellent lubrication. il has helped burning ahead for over ten years.

Since 1965, Tornus Oil has been helping tugs and towboats stay on the job in oceans, harbors, the Gulf and inland waterways. There's good reason why.

Look at the critical engine parts below, photo- graphed after extended periods of service. All were on Tornus Oil for 18,000 to 23,000 hours. All showed normal wear and were exceptionally clean and free of power-robbing deposits.

With Tornus, the oil gets dirty, the engine stays clean. And cleanliness is extremely important in keeping power up and fuel consumption down.

Caprinus® R Oil may help your fleet even more.

Shell's Caprinus R Oil can help extend oil drain intervals indefinitely in EMD power, and stretch the service life of oil filters. It offers excellent alka- linity retention to combat corrosive combustion products and help reduce frequency of overhauls.

Caprinus R is Shell's answer to the need for extra high performance in modern high-output, medium- speed diesels.

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Tornus Oil and Caprinus R Oil. There's information in them that could help you trim operating costs.

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After 18,864 hours this cylinder liner from an EMD-12 645 E5 still shows original crosshatch marks. A tribute to the excellent wear protection of Shell Tornus Oil. appearance of cams and followers, the clearly visible green paint on the spring. Yet this engine has never received an oil changeout in 18,852 hours.

Ports are wide open from EMD 645 E with 20,000 engine hours on Tornus Oil. No deposits. Rings in good condition without need for replacement.

From the same engine as the wrist pin bushing, this piston undercrown is clean, free of deposits. Tornus Oil resists sludge, lacquer and carbon deposition. This promotes cooler running pistons.

Engines in hard-working inland waterways towboats, (above), and ocean-going tugs (left) have their work cut out for them. So does the engine oil. High-dispersancy Tornus Oil protects main engines against wear, helps promote operating efficiency.

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