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Underwater Acoustic Explorations

At The University Of Rhode Island

Officers and guest shown at the ASNE Southern New England Section meeting are, left to right: Robert E. Bradley, treasurer; Comdr. Gerald Sedor, USN, secretary;

Dr. Foster H. Middleton, featured speaker; David L. Motherway, chairman, and Harry

T. Loeser, vice chairman.

The Southern New England

Section of the American Society of Naval Engineers held its quar- terly meeting recently in Groton,

Conn. Dr. Foster H. Middleton, professor of ocean engineering at the University of Rhode Island (URI), presented an enjoyable program on recent experiences with underwater acoustic systems.

He described with slides how the interest and investigations of

URI students, aided by such sys- tems as side scan sonar, led to the discovery of British Revolutionary warship remains in Narragansett

Bay. Other efforts mentioned by

Dr. Middleton included inspecting trans-Atlantic cables, measuring wave heights on the Brent Reef

Tower, assessing oil recovery ef- fectiveness, and experimenting with side scan sonar patterns. A question and discussion period fol- lowed for the 25 members and guests in attendance. Section chairman David Motherway acted as moderator.

N.C.S. Of Cairo, Egypt

Appoints Pouch Terminal

A.T. Pouch Jr., president of

Pouch Terminal, Inc., has an- nounced its appointment as sales representative in the United

States and Europe for the Inter- national Office for Navigation,

Commerce, and Supply of Cairo,

Egypt (N.C.S.).

N.C.S., as the Egyptian firm is known, operates in all Egyptian seaports. It is owned and oper- ated by Esmat El Sadat and his sons, with offices in Cairo and

Port of Alexandria. Its services include steamship "owners repre- sentatives," expediting of dock assignments, providing for ship repairs, and chandlery services.

N.C.S. is also interested in as- sisting American businesses in developing trade relations with


Anyone interested in the serv- ices offered by N.C.S. can contact

Mr. Pouch at the main office of

Pouch Terminal, Inc., Edgewater

Street, Clifton, Staten Island,

N.Y. 10305, or at the company's sales office at One World Trade

Center, New York City.

Rainbow Marine Formed

For General Ship Repairs

The formation of Rainbow Ma- rine Organization Co., with head- quarters at 31-92 30th Street,

Long Island City, N.Y. 11106, has been announced.

Specializing in general ship re- pairs, the company does all types of mechanical repairs on steam and diesel engines, engine room and deck machinery, hydraulic re- pairs, tank cleaning, and servicing of all types of boilers .. . retubing and cleaning.

The company also employs re- pair crews on call for emergency service overseas.

Further details regarding Rain- bow Marine's services can be ob- tained by contacting Petros The- melis at the above address.

New! The SGC

Single Sideband


Antenna Coupler...

With servo tracking and infinite channel capability.

The Model ASU represents a remarkable advancement in antenna coupler technology.

Existing couplers are cumbersome to adjust and must be mounted in a location accessible to the technician. The ASU solves this problem by making all adjustments remotely from a control box located at the SSB radiotelephone.


Automatic Tracking: coupler readjusts instantly to any detuning of the antenna such as any changes in the rigging.

Virtually Infinite Channel Capability: coupler retunes whenever channels are changed.

Can Be Used With Any MF/HF SSB: easily substituted for conventional couplers.

Can Be Mounted Anywhere: fully adjust- able from radiotelephone.

Loads Any Antenna (5 meters or longer): ideally suited for whip, backstay or longwire antennas.

Fully Waterproof: sealed enclosure provides environmental protection.

The ASU System Concept consists of two assemblies. The coupler contains all the impedance matching and resonating circuitry necessary to efficiently couple the antenna to the radiotelephone. All adjustments in the coupler are made through high reliability relays, some of which are designed to withstand 5000 volts at several amperes.

The ASU control box also samples the standing waves on the transmission line to the coupler. If a tuning error occurs, the servo system activates a variable element in the coupler to correct the tuning and maintain an efficient transfer of energy to the antenna.

Unique circuitry in the control box also permits the coupler to optimize tuning between receive and transmit frequencies. This is parti- cularly useful on the 2-3 MHz marine band where duplex frequencies are widely separated.



Li Size of boat

The ASU solves "difficult" antenna install- ation problems on vessels, base stations, vehicles and aircraft. The "routine" installations become even simpler and make possible a degree of efficiency and cost savings never before realized!

Intercontinental One: 150 watts. 1.6 to 18 MHz, 36 channels.

The ASU antenna coupler is brought to you by the manufacturers of the world's finest

SSB radiotelephones. | Write or call for FREE BROCHURE

Inc 13737 S.E. 26th Street

Dept. MRT

Bellevue, Wash. 98005, U.S.A. (206) 746-6310/CABLE:SGCINC

Telex 32-8834


SG-711: 100 watts. 1.6 to 9 MHz, 11 channels.

SGC Model ASU coupler: 1.6 to 22 MHz, 250 watts.

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