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Seaworthy Appoints

Patrick J. McAllister ment, the Atlantic and Pacific, operate from both U.S. coasts.

One route, with six vessels, con- nects the U.S. East Coast to the

Caribbean, Central America, and ports on the west coast of South

America. From U.S. West Coast ports, another fleet of six vessels sails around South America and to the west coast of South Amer- ica. The last trade route, from

Eastern U.S. ports to Venezuela, now operates with a single LASH (lighter aboard ship) vessel that would not be sold by Prudential.

Prudential's revenues from the

South American Services are about $125 million annually.

Delta serves the east coast of

South America, the west coast of

Africa, and certain ports in the

Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.

Delta's annual revenues are ap- proximately $80 million.

Prudential Lines will continue to administer its Mediterranean and Mideast LASH service from its present offices at One World

Trade Center.

Vessels covered by the tenta- tive agreement are the Santa

Fleet of six L-Class vessels, two

Jet-Class vessels, four M-Class vessels, and two chartered liners, the Santa Ana and the Santa


Patrick J. McAllister

The appointment of Patrick J.

McAllister as manager, marine projects, has been announced by

David A. O'Neil, president of Sea- worthy Engine Systems, Inc. Sea- worthy is engaged in engineering consulting for marine propulsion, fuel optimization and control sys- tems for marine gas turbine, diesel and steam powerplants.

In his new capacity, Mr. McAl- lister will be responsible for engi- neering and project management for marine powerplant applica- tions, installation and slow steam- ing retrofit programs to improve vessel operating economy.

Prior to joining Seaworthy, Mr.

McAllister was resident engineer- ing manager for Turbo Power and

Marine Systems in Seattle, Wash., where he was responsible for the combined diesel and gas turbine powerplant, transmission system and control system installation aboard the USCG Polar-Class Ice- breakers.

Seaworthy Engine Systems, Inc. provides unique engineering and technical services to the marine industry in the steam, diesel and gas turbine propulsion systems, fuel systems management and vessel operation areas. Sea- worthy's customers include ship- owners and operators, most large engine manufacturers, as well as the U.S. Government.

Seaworthy's offices are located at 73 Main Street in Essex, Conn. 06426.

Prudential Agrees

To Sell South American

Shipping Operations

A tentative agreement to sell all of its South American ship- ping operations for about $75 million was announced by Pru- dential Lines, Inc., a U.S.-flag ocean carrier. The purchaser would be Delta Steamship Lines,

Inc., a subsidiary of Holiday Inns,

Inc. "The proposed sale of the South

American portion of our busi- ness would substantially improve our working capital," said Pruden- tial Lines chairman and chief ex- ecutive officer Spyros S. Skouras.

Completion of the sale requires review and approval by various regulatory authorities and suc- cessful negotiation of a contract.

The two Prudential divisions covered by the tentative agree-

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