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Newport News Delivers Nuclear-Powered

Aircraft Carrier Dwight D. Eisenhower

New Giant Transtainer Cranes At Cape Town Port

The Eisenhower's initial nuclear cores will provide enough fuel to carry out operations for the next 13 years.

Tenneco's Newport News Ship- building, Newport News, Va., re- cently delivered to the United

States Navy one of the world's largest warships, the nuclear- powered aircraft carrier Dwight

D. Eisenhower (CVN69).

With the Eisenhower, Newport

News Shipbuilding has delivered 10 of the last 14 nuclear-powered ships received by the Navy since 1974.

The Eisenhower is the sec- ond Nimitz-class carrier and the

Navy's third nuclear-powered aircraft carrier — all built by

Newport News Shipbuilding. The

Navy now has 10 nuclear-powered surface warships, seven built at the world's largest shipyard.

The Eisenhower is 1,092 feet long, with a flight deck width of more than 250 feet, a combat load displacement of nearly 95,000 tons, and can operate and provide sustained support for a Naval air wing of about 100 aircraft. The crew (including the air group) will number nearly 6,300 people.

Its initial nuclear cores will provide enough fuel to carry out operations for the next 13 years, thus making it truly independent of propulsion fuel logistic sup- port. These cores contain energy equivalent to more than two mil- lion tons of coal or 11 million barrels of oil.

The Dwight D. Eisenhower, to be commanded by Capt. W.E.

Ramsey, was launched October 11, 1975, and its keel was laid Au- gust 15, 1970.

The shipyard now has under

Two of three new 35-metric-ton

Transtainer® cranes for South

African Railways are pictured at

Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, South

Africa. The giant rail-mounted container-handling cranes were built by Dorman Long Vanderbijl

Corp., Ltd., a licensee of Paceco,

Inc., a subsidiary of Fruehauf

Corporation, Alameda, Calif.

The Paceco Transtainers have a span of 258 feet, including can- tilever outreach of 44 feet 3 inches. Container stacking capa- bility is one over five high. 200- degree rotation of the trolley and operator's cab permits fast and easy spotting of containers in any direction.

These Paceco Transtainers will be a major factor in the inte- grated handling system—coordi- nating railway service and ocean traffic. The Cape Town public container-handling facility will be operated by South African Rail- ways. The Transtainer cranes were fabricated at the Dorman

Long facility in Durban. contract or construction 17 ships, including three liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers and three ultra large crude oil carriers (ULCCs). Thus far this year,

Newport News Shipbuilding has delivered three ships, launched three, and laid the keels for three others.

Swedish Owner Orders

Nine Ships In Japan

The nine technically advanced ro/ro ships to be incorporated into Sweden's Brostrom fleet are to be built by Mitsui, Japan, un- der a Kr. 675-million ($160,000,- 000) letter of intent, Brostroms has announced.

The deal is subject to agree- ment being reached between the owners and the trade unions con- cerned on the size of the crews, it is added.

The order includes two 6,500- tonners for the North Sea trade designed for operation by a crew of only 9, six 12,000-tonners for the Mediterranean trade, and a 23,000-tonner for worldwide line services, all for a crew of 16. The vessels will be among the most advanced in the world in respect of cargo-handling and navigation- al technology.

Tenders for the nine ships were originally invited from some 40 shipyards all over the world. Fi- nal evaluation was made between

Mitsui and two Swedish yards, but the latter were not able to compete with the Japanese prices,

Brostroms say.

Europort '78 To Include

Naval Construction

Following discussions with both

Naval authorities and Defense sales departments of the major shipbuilding countries, the Euro- port organization will incorporate a giant Naval Construction and

Equipment Section in Europort '78.

Space bookings for this event are already well on the way, and there is every indication that the marine industry will fully accept this innovation.

In connection with this exhibi- tion, a specialized conference on nonclassified matters will be held, and the organizers are planning for a naval week to take place concurrently with Europort '78.

Plans are being discussed for naval vessels from participating countries to appear in Amster- dam during this time. Along with the European participation, it is expected that there will be an

American section.

Full details and brochures can be obtained on application to the organizers: Europort tentoonstel- lingen B.V. Waalhaven Z.Z. 44, 3088 HJ Rotterdam, the Nether- lands. " wen, we r/A/ALty /wApe r/ve

VUTttf we ST- "

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