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The Golden Gate. Fisherman's Wharf.

Gulf Harmony Oils.

Early settlers called it Yerba Buena. In 1847 the name was changed to improve chances of development.

Two years later came the Gold Rush. And San Francisco exploded into one of the most dynamic cities ever known.

San Francisco is now a major Gulf port. Where Gulf marine lubricants and service are as familiar to the Bay area shipping industry as Treasure Island and seafood dining.

Gulf Harmony Oils are here. They are highest quality turbine lubricating oils researched and developed by Gulf marine experts. The shipping industry considers them necessary for optimum performance.

Harmony Oils are blended from highly refined solvent processed base oils for use in marine turbine systems, hydraulic systems, electric motors, generators and air compressors. Rust, oxidation and foam inhibitors have been added to extend their life and performance in enclosed and circulating oil systems.

Gulf Marine Lubricants. Unexcelled in quality, performance and overall economy.

They are available all over the globe. For complete information, contact your local Gulf Trading and Transportation Company marine consultant. In New York, ask for Jim Allen, (212) 397-1300. In London, Robin Lawrie, 01-283-1638.

Gulf Trading and Transportation Company

A Division of Gulf Oil Corporation

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