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Ocean Orders Three



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Cargo Liners From

British Shipyard

Ocean Transport & Trading

Limited has ordered three cargo liners from Scott Lithgow Lim- ited at a cost of approximately $63 million.

Work will start immediately on the ships, and they will be de- livered during the second half of 1979 and the first quarter of 1980.

Speaking about the contract,

Sir Lindsay Alexander, chairman of Ocean, said: "We are very pleased to be placing orders in the

U.K., and so playing our part in supporting a viable British ship- building industry. "The placing of this contract renews a very long association be- tween Scott Lithgow and Ocean.

This stretches back more than 100 years to the building, by

Scott, of Ocean's first three ships,

Agamemnon, Ajax, and Achilles."

Delighted at having secured the contract, Ross Belch, the manag- ing director of Scott Lithgow

Limited, said: "Shipbuilding throughout the world is going through a very difficult time at present. It is therefore gratifying that very important British own- ers like Ocean have found it possible to place such a valuable order with us. It is vitally impor- tant for the Lower Clyde, since it will provide the equivalent of one year's employment for the whole of the yards and engine works in Greenock."

The new ships will be about 20,000-dwt twin-hatch, multipur- pose cargo liners, and are de- signed for worldwide trading.

They will have a service speed of 18 knots and be capable of operating as conventional break- bulk/palletized cargo ships, or as geared containerships carrying more than 750 containers, or as bulkers for cargoes such as grain or ore. They will be able to use ports which are not equipped with specialized container cranes.

Accommodation for 36 officers, crew and cadets, together with the main engine machinery, is lo- cated aft, and propulsion will be a Sulzer 7RND76M diesel engine built under license by Scott.

The ships will probably be op- erated in the Group's West Afri- can trades by Elder Dempster










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