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Miles O'Harra Enters

The Consulting Field

Miles G. O'Harra

Miles G. O'Harra, recently re- tired from Bailey Meter Co., will enter the consulting field as a

Marine and Industrial Steam Con- trol Systems Consultant at 9355

Milford Lane, Mentor, Ohio 44060.

Mr. O'Harra served in the

United States Navy for 20 active duty years (1937-57), and in the

Fleet Reserve for 10 years (1957- 67). Mr. O'Harra was placed on the retired list as warrant ma- chinist in 1967.

During his Naval career, he served on such capital ships as the USS Lexington, USS North

Carolina, USS Coral Sea, and USS

Forrestal. His duties included a variety of engineering assign- ments involving powerplant oper- ation, maintenance, and engineer- ing department administration. In addition to his sea duty assign- ments, Mr. O'Harra served as senior instructor at the U.S. Na- val School for Boilermen at the

Naval Boiler and Turbine Labo- ratory, Philadelphia, Pa.

Upon his transfer to the Fleet

Reserve, Mr. O'Harra joined the

Bailey Meter Company as their

Naval controls specialist. In this capacity, his responsibilities in- cluded assistance and training of

Bailey and Naval personnel in the commissioning of over 30 U.S.

Naval combat vessels.

In 1958, Mr. O'Harra was as- signed to the Atomic and Marine

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Marketing Group as an applica- tion engineer for marine control systems. He was involved in the development and field testing of standard marine boiler systems used in numerous Navy and mer- chant vessels.

Seaworthy Receives $146,000 MarAd Award

The Maritime Administration has awarded a cost-plus fixed-fee contract, in the amount of $146,- 196, to Seaworthy Engine Sys- tems, Inc. of Essex, Conn., to un- dertake an evaluation aboard ship of the effectiveness of additives and oil/water homogenizers in improving the combustion and re- ducing deposits in medium-speed diesel engines burning heavy fuel oil. This contract represents an ex- pansion of present efforts, which will be completed in November 1977, to evaluate these additives and homogenizers aboard steam turbine propelled ships.

Argentina Predicts

Tenfold Increase

In Fishing Catch

A $15-million fishing complex will be built in Ushuaia, at the southern tip of South America, according to the territory's Gov- ernor Luis J. Arigotti.

Several Spanish companies will participate in finishing the facil- ity, in Tierra del Fuego, which will enable Argentina to fish in the Beagle Channel, as well as in the international waters of the

South Atlantic. Construction bids from companies in seven countries are presently under review by the Secretariat of Maritime Inter- ests, with a decision expected this month.

Argentine waters, host to nine billion fish in 42 edible varieties, have been virtually untouched in the past by the country's small fishing fleet. The Argentine gov- ernment has attached high pri- ority to expanding this fleet, how- ever, and is setting up companies specifically designed to supervise the domestic distribution and ex- port of fish caught in national and international waters.

Maritime officials predict a ten- fold increase in the annual Argen- tine catch, to 2.7 million tons of fish a year. Indiscriminate fishing concessions are no longer being granted, insuring that Argentina's plentiful supplies of seafood will not be depleted.

MarAd Report On

Shipboard Maintenance

Now Available

The Maritime Administration has released a final technical re- port entitled "Shipboard Systems

Operation and Logistic Support

Program, Phase IA., Require- ments Assessment." MarAd con- tracted with Mystech Associates,

Incorporated, Mystic, Conn., in

May 1976 to undertake the study to identify the major concerns of the U.S. maritime industry in the areas of shipboard mainte- nance, repair and logistic support.

Through analysis of these con- cerns, industry requirements were formulated to provide the basis for further efforts within the

Shipboard Systems Operation and

Logistic Support Program.

The information contained in the study represents input from a significant cross section of U.S.- flag shipowners / operators, ship repair facilities and seafaring un- ions. Data pertaining to applica- ble allied industry maintenance, repair and logistic support pro- cedures were received from se- lected airlines, central power com- panies, truck fleets, railroads, and refineries.

The report is available from the National Technical Informa- tion Service, 5285 Port Royal

Road, Springfield, Va. 22161. The order number is PB 271961/AS, and the price is $10.


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