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Oceanographic Services

Buys Allen Weather Corp.

The facilities and staff of the

Washington, D. C. - based Allen

Weather Corp. were recently ac- quired by Oceanographic Serv- ices, Inc. (OSI).

OSI, headquartered at 135 East

Ortega Street, Santa Barbara,

Calif., is a leader in the fields of applied meteorology, oceanogra- phy, and related instrumentation systems design and installation.

In addition to serving as the primary center for company re- search programs and instrumen- tation systems development, the headquarters will function as the meteorological and ship routing center for the Pacific and Far

East. Vincent C. McDermott, op- erations manager of Allen Weath- er, will be initially responsible for operation of the ship routing cen- ter at OSI.

Wayne G. Winston has been ap- pointed manager of Allen Weath- er. The Washington, D.C. office will continue to serve as the fore- cast center for ship routing and other meteorological services for the Great Lakes, Atlantic Ocean, and Gulf of Mexico eastward to the Middle East. Anticipated staff additions and a link to the com- pany computer facility in Santa

Barbara are expected to enhance the capabilities of the Allen group.

Both facilities will be operated on an around-the-clock basis.

G.E. To Manufacture

Heating Systems For

Frigates At Bath Iron

General Electric Company's

Aviation Service Operation has been awarded a contract by Bath

Iron Works to Manufacture the heating system for the U.S.

Navy's U.S.S. Perry-class Guided

Missile Frigates (FFG).

The contract, valued at ap- proximately $500,000, covers the heating systems for five frigates, with a firm option for three ad- ditional ships, predicated on con- tinued Government funding. U.S.

Navy plans call for 76 Perry-class frigates.

The Philadelphia, Pa., Section of The Society of Naval Archi- tects and Marine Engineers held its October meeting at the Air- port Holiday Inn in Essington.

Seventy members and guests at- tended the technical session to hear a paper entitled "New Flex- ible Shipbuilding and Ship Repair

Facility," presented by co-authors

R. Galloway, E. Schorsch, and M.


The authors outlined the his- tory of the development of Sun

Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co. since its inception in Chester,

Pa., in 1916, and described in some detail the design and con- struction of the new building fa-

Planning Research

Receives $1,460,000

Contract From USCG

Planning Research Corporation (PRC), 1850 K Street N.W., In- ternational Square, Washington,

D.C. 20006, has been awarded a $1,460,000, five-year cost-plus- fixed-fee contract by the U.S.

Coast Guard for Marine Safety

Systems Analysis. The work will be performed by PRC Systems

Services Company in McLean, Va.

PRC will develop a comprehen- sive risk management methodol- ogy to assure safety and protec- tion of the marine environment.

Emphasis will be devoted to the solutions of specific problems faced by the Coast Guard in its regulatory and enforcement ac- tivities associated with commer- cial vessels operating in the

United States ports, harbors and waterways.

PRC is the world's largest di- versified professional services or- ganization serving government, business and industry, primarily cility and its supporting equip- ment.

This new facility, which has a capability of constructing ships of 400,000 dwt, consists of a "flat slab" building area, and a large floating drydock equipped with a sophisticated tide and ballast con- trol system. The ships are built in halves on the slab and trans- ferred horizontally to the drydock for joining. A detailed model of the plant was on display at the meeting.

Following the paper presenta- tion, the members and guests were invited to join in a con- ducted tour of Sun Ship, for a first-hand view of the installation. in the areas of planning, engi- neering and architecture, infor- mation services and management consulting.

Philadelphia Resins

Announces Reassignments

Philadelphia Resins Corpora- tion, long-time manufacturers of

Chockfast and other resin and cable products for marine and in- dustrial use, has announced the following reassignments of their key personnel: Philip J. Girvin— manager of resin products; A.

Simeon Whitehill — manager of rope and cable products; Nancy

Heck — international sales man- ager; Richard E. Dearborn—U.S. sales manager of Resin and Cable

Divisions; Patricia Clungeon — office manager and sales coordi- nator.

Philadelphia Resins Corpora- tion, headquartered at 20 Com- merce Drive, Montgomeryville,

Pa. 18936, has worldwide distrib- utorship of its very complete product line.

SNAME Philadelphia Section Hears Paper On

New Flexible Shipbuilding And Ship Repair Facility

Blast Cleaning


Clemco Flo-Flor the major breakthrough in blast room recovery systems

As this cam revolves, it generates the distinctive abrasive recovery action of the Clemco Flo-Flor.

This action is the basic principle applied by

Clemco engineers in developing the System over 7 years ago. To date, well over 130 installations have proved the complete reliability of Flo-Flor automatic abrasive recovery. Low in profile,

Flo-Flor is easily maintained; uses little energy.

Its modular design permits many cost-saving configurations. Write for specifics about this

System and other ways Clemco can serve your blast room needs.


INDUSTRIES 2177 Jerrold Ave—San Francisco, CA 94124

Eugene Schorsch points to a ship being built in two halves on a table miniature of Sun's "flat slab" building area. Shown left to right, are: K. Gyswyt, secretary- treasurer, Philadelphia Section; G. Swensson, vice chairman, Philadelphia Section;

R. Galloway, executive vice president, Sun Ship, author; F.W. Beltz Jr., chairman,

Philadelphia Section; Mr. Schorsch, vice president, Sun Ship, author; R. Barnhart,

Sun Ship, coordinator, and M. Willis, Sun Ship, author. 16 Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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