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Frankel Elected

President Of IMODCO

Bernard Frankel has been elected president of IMODCO, 10960 Wilshire Boulevard, Los

Angeles, Calif. 90024, rapidly ex- panding offshore marine terminal systems division of Amtel, Inc., it was announced by Amtel chair- man / president Jerome Ottmar, who had previously also held the top IMODCO position.

Two new vice presidents of

IMODCO were additionally an- nounced by Mr. Ottmar. They are

George M. Pomonik as vice pres- ident-research and development, and Blair M. Kerr as vice presi- dent-European area.

Mr. Frankel served as senior vice president of IMODCO, Inc., prior to its acquisition by Amtel two year's ago, and since that time has been the division's ex- ecutive vice president and chief operating officer. A pioneer in the offshore marine terminal field,

Mr. Frankel has been an execu- tive of IMODCO for the past 15 years.

Mr. Pomonik replaces William

R. Reid, who returned to the Uni- versity of Michigan for studies leading to his Ph.D. in engineer- ing. A graduate in mechanical en- gineering from City College of

New York, Mr. Pomonik has pre- viously been associated with Me- chanics Research, Inc., a subsid- iary of System Development

Corp., for nine years.

Mr. Kerr has been regional manager and managing director of IMODCO, Ltd., London, since 1971, and earlier was IMODCO regional manager in Australasia.

A graduate of the Royal Austra- lian Naval College and of the

Royal Naval Engineering College,

Plymouth, England, Mr. Kerr served in the Royal Australian

Navy from 1949 through 1965.

ASNE Day 1978

Set For May 4-5

The American Society of Na- val Engineers has completed the first phase of arrangements for

ASNE Day 1978. ASNE Day 1978 is the Society's annual national meeting, and will be held May 4 and 5, 1978, at the Shoreham-

Americana Hotel, Washington,

D.C. The theme for ASNE Day 1978 is "Naval Engineering is

Total Engineering."

Additional details are available from ASNE National Headquar- ters, 1012 14th Street, N.W.,

Suite 807, Washington, D.C. 20005.

CADCOM, Inc. Appoints

F. William Helming

Dr. Charles O. Heller, president of CADCOM, Inc., Annapolis, Md., has announced the appointment of F. William Helming as pro- gram director for CADCOM's

Washington, D.C. office. In his new position Mr. Helming will have responsibility for sales and marketing, liaison with Govern- ment and commercial clients, and for the initiation and supervision of programs and projects.

Prior to joining CADCOM a year and a half ago, Mr. Helming worked for Industrial Computa- tions, Inc. of Watertown, Mass., as a consultant in computer-aided ship design. He has been a mem- ber of CADCOM's Computer-

Aided Ship Design Division, spe- cializing in system design and integration for maritime appli- cations of computer-aided design, prior to assuming his new posi- tion.

Mr. Helming is a graduate of

Webb Institute of Naval Archi- tecture and holds a B.S. degree in naval architecture and marine engineering. He has also studied naval architecture in the gradu- ate program at the Massachusetts

Institute of Technology and is a registered professional engineer.

CADCOM is a recognized leader in the practical applications of high technology, serving industry and government in automation, computer-aided design / manufac- turing, engineering analysis and design, environmental technology, safety engineering, simulation and modeling, software develop- ment, and technology transfer.

Introducing The Magnificent

Magnavox Marisat Terminal

Magnavo» Government and Industrial Electronics Company

This new shipboard communications terminal puts you in instant, private and remarkably clear two- way telephone or telex con- tact with your ship anywhere, at any time, in the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans.


For telex, just start typing. All functions are con- trolled through instructions to the microprocessor via the teleprinter. For voice calls, a single push button establishes contact with the operator for calls anywhere in the world. supplied by the teleprinter.

Easy To Install


The space saving Magna- vox MX 111 terminal needs space in the radio room for only the telephone and the desktop teleprinter.

The compact power supply and elec- tronics unit are bulkhead-mounted and can be tucked away almost anywhere.

Modular Flexibility

System changes, options, expansions and provisions for future satellites are easily accom- plished because the system is designed with future changes in mind.

Hard Copy Record

Telex messages, and all system operations, annotated with GMT, are

The MX 111 is extreme- ly rugged incorporating large design margins based upon years of Magnavox marine experience. Extensive factory burn in is performed to assure reliable operation on board your ship.


The single cable between antenna ^ and elec- SP| tronics may be of any length. Modular components allow variety of install- ations to fit cramped ship spaces.

Check Out The MX 111

Magnavox has years of experience in the design and manufacture of high reliability electronics for shipboard use. Before you specify any Marisat communication terminal, be sure you've checked out the Magnavox MX 111. It's been designed with your ship in , mind. Magnavox Government i and Industrial Electronics Co., §1 2829 Maricopa St., Torrance, •HBSnP U.S.A. " Telephone (213) gpM||k 328-0770.

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