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viewing, you can rely on

Raytheon for increased scope life. Special video amplifier circuits selectively reduce gain on strong, short-range echoes.

This automatically assures a uniform intensity level over the entire scope on all ranges.

Viewing is easier... and scope life is increased by eliminating excessive intensity in the center of the scope.

Easiest of all nighttime operation.

You'll also find 12 and 16-inch



Radars are designed for the easiest nighttime operation.

For fast identification all operating controls and legends are carefully "back-lighted" with adjustable illumination. In addition, a specially selected orange/red phosphor is used for the scope.

The end result is more efficient nighttime operation... even for prolonged periods, without excessive eye strain or impaired night vision.

ACU vectors show true course and speed of tracked targets.

Pathfinder® displays,


Inters witch

Unit lets the operator select any desired combination of 3 and 10-cm presentations.

Typically, one display might be used with 3-cm and the other with 10-cm transmission. However, weather or navigational requirements might dictate that both displays be used on either 10 or 3-cm... one on long range, one on short range... one relative motion, the other true motion.

Whatever the situation demands,


Interswitch System lets you select the 9 M.trr ^ -p. MUMI ° 0» J • ... - 1 T 1^ 7~\

All operating controls are back-lighted.

Superior resolution and long-range performance.

Both 3 and 10-cm Mariners

Pathfinder® Radars feature transmitters with very high "average-power" outputs. This ensures maximum long-range target detection.

With its longer wavelength and high 60k W peak power, the 10-cm unit is unbeatable at "punching through" adverse weather to pull in distant targets.

Interswitchable 3 and 10-cm systems for optimum radar versatility.

Raytheon has provided over 3000 vessels with dual 3 and 10-cm radar interswitch systems.

Connecting the antennas, transmitters and the Mariners

Completely interswitchable. best radar combination for the job.

Choice of two relative/ true-motion units... with simple collision assessment, or computerized collision warning and avoidance.

A true motion display, in which fixed objects remain stationary while your ship and other vessels move across the scope on their true courses, improves navigation and collision avoidance capabilities. Raytheon gives you a choice of two units, each with an Electronic Bearing Line (EBL) that may be positioned anywhere on the display.

The low-cost TM/AC unit provides a microprocessed true- motion presentation for both the 12 and 16-inch relative motion displays. For collision assessment it displays true and relative courses for up to eight selected targets.

Raytheon's new computerized

Anti-Collision Unit (ACU) is one of the most advanced relative and true-motion displays available.

It is designed to meet U.S.Coast

Guard proposals and MARAD requirements for merchants ships.

A compact unit that attaches

ACU alarm sounds when approaching target penetrates guard ring.

ACU electronic bearing lines set up navigation fairways. directly to a Mariners Pathfinder® 16-inch display, the ACU will automatically track as many as 20 targets with computer-generated collision warning and digital- readout collision avoidance data.

The Raytheon ACU also gives you trial maneuver information, collision avoidance guard rings around the ship, navigational fairways, CPA (Closest Point of Approach) and TCPA (Time to CPA) for tracked targets, and much more.

Unmatched warranty and worldwide service back-up.

All Raytheon products have a two-year limited parts warranty plus one-year free on-board service within 50 miles of any of our U.S. dealers and worldwide service network in major ports everywhere.

For more information, contact an authorized dealer or the

Raytheon Marine Company office nearest you.

Raytheon Marine Company 676 Island Pond Road

Manchester, New Hampshire 03103

Telephone: (603) 668-1600

Telex: 94-34-59

Raytheon Marine Sales and Service Company

Siljangade 6

DK-2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark

Telephone: (451)57 0611

Telex: 31473 RAYCO DK

Raytheon Marine Sales and Service Company

Minato-Ise Bldg. 3F 3-12-1, Kaigan-Dori

Naka-Ku, Yokohama, Japan 231

Telephone: (045) 212-3633

Telex: 3822713 RAYFESJ

Raytheon Marine Sales and Service Company 65 Vincent Square

Westminster, London, S.W.I P2NX,


Telephone: 01-828-6172

Telex: 919571 RAYTAG LDN

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