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UUNU1M » ACW/SM I 3BB£ srsr • USCG approved (161.010/6/0)

S O L A S. Reg 21F, 1960, 1974 • Waterproof, weatherproof, shock resistant • Automatic operation • No tools required to change battery • Patented bracket included (non corrosive, non magnetic construction) • 360 lens for horizon-to - horizon coverage

ACR ELECTRONICS, INC. 3901 North 29th Avenue

Hollywood, Fl. 33020 (305) 921-6262

Booklet Shows Foreign

Flag Vessels Owned By

U.S. Parent Companies

The Maritime Administration has released a report on 677 foreign-flag oceangoing merchant- type ships of 1,000 gross tons and over owned by United States par- ent companies located and incor- porated in the United States, either by direct ownership or through foreign subsidiary com- panies. Prepared by MarAd's Of- fice of Subsidy Administration, the report contains information as of December 31, 1976. "Foreign Flag Merchant Ships

Owned by U.S. Parent Compa- nies" can be purchased through the Superintendent of Documents,

U.S. Government Printing Office,

Washington, D.C. (Stock No. 003- 007-00086-3).

Mar Ad Releases

Ocean Thermal Energy

Conversion Report

The Maritime Administration has released a technical report which discusses the maritime and construction aspects of Ocean

Thermal Energy Conversion (OT-

EC) plant ships as a promising means of helping alleviate na- tional energy problems, contrib- uting to a more favorable balance of payments, and providing new employment opportunities in the maritime and related industries.

A tropical-grazing OTEC plant ship would use the temperature difference between the warm sur- face waters near the equator and the colder waters one-half mile below to drive a heat engine to produce electric power that would be converted into an energy- intensive product aboard ship.

The study, performed by the

Johns Hopkins University Ap- plied Physics Laboratory, indi- cates that OTEC offers greater promise than fossil and nuclear power, and recommends that high priority be placed on the develop- ment of OTEC plant ships.

The report, "Investment in

Commercial Development of Ocean

Thermal Energy Conversion (OT-

EC) Plant Ships," is available from the National Technical In- formation Service, 5285 Port Roy- al Road, Springfield, Va. 22161.

The order number is PB 280922/

AS, and the price is $8.

TOUGH an<' flHUHIM* less


BTR Silverline Water-lubricated

Bearings are uniquely precision bored to maintain a 0.001 inch water clearance per inch of shaft diameter — the closest tolerances ir. the marine industry; and, con- sequently, they are more vibration- free than other water-lubricated bearings on the market. Another outstanding characteristic of the

BTR Silverline Bearing is its Hydro- dynamic Waterwedge Design which maximizes water lubrication and virtually eliminates shaft wear from heat, sand and other waterborne abrasives.

The sea's a tough place to make a living - you know it and we know rt - that's why all BTR Silverline Bearings are built tough with a precision machined length and diameter to match or retro-fit any other sleeve or flange brand on the market — including metric & fiber casings.

Write or call today for complete information. _ — 0 Exclusive U.S. Distributors

CORPORATION 216 N. Main St., Freeport, N.Y. 11520 (516) 378-0470

Precision Propulsion for the Marine Industry Since 1901

Propellers - Bearings - Shaft Line Equipment - Hydraulic Controls

Remember when coupling considerations dictated where you had to locate your transmitter?

EN 400 Transmitter


The EN 400 SSB radiophone needs no external coupling.

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Elizabeth, NJ 07201 (201)527-0099 750 Kennedy Street. Oakland. CA 94606 (415) 533-1840




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