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Raytheon Marine Offers

Line Of Commercial

Doppler Speed Logs

A complete line of commercial doppler speed logs is now avail- able from Raytheon Marine Com- pany.

The doppler speed logs, which are manufactured by Raytheon

Company's Submarine Signal Di- vision in Portsmouth, R.I., will be sold and serviced by more than 250 authorized Raytheon marine dealers around the world.

According to Raytheon Marine

Company president Dick Warden, the sales agreement will make an already well-accepted product more accessible to the marine community. "We've worked very closely with our sister division in

Portsmouth for years," he said. "Now, with the growing popular- ity of our commercial radar sys- tems and the recent introduction of our anticollision unit, we feel we're in an excellent position to broaden our lines and offer the doppler systems through our dealer network. It's a move to- ward greater marketing effi- ciency."

The Raytheon doppler speed log line currently ranges from the

Model DSL-250, a basic speed log which measures speed ahead and astern, to a dual-axis navigation system with docking capability.

The solid-state digital systems are designed to be easily adapted to the broadest range of vessel ap- plications. More than 100 systems of various configurations are now in use aboard tankers, high-speed cargo carriers, research ships, and destroyer-type vessels.

For speed measurement, all sys- tems bottom-track to 1,000 feet (330 meters), and automatically shift to water-mass tracking at greater depths. At speeds above 10 knots, resolution is 0.1 knot. At speeds under 10 knots and in wa- ter depths of less than 250 feet, a "mooring mode" provides speed accuracy to 0.01 knot.

A depth indicator and adjust- able depth alarm are standard on all systems. Depth display reso- lution in mooring mode is 0.1 meter. All models also include a feature for testing circuits and lamps.

The Model DSN-450 dual-axis navigation system simultaneously measures and displays ahead and astern speed, athwartship speed, distance-run, and depth. To aid the maneuvering and docking of very large ships, this system can be expanded to measure athwart- ship speed and depth at the stern, as well as dual-axis speed and depth at the bow.

Data is displayed numerically by all systems on an integrated bridge console. Remote digital and analog speed displays are optional.

All models are designed to provide accurate speed data to true mo- tion radars, satellite navigators, advanced collision avoidance/nav- igation systems and other ship- board integrated navigation sys- tems.

Raytheon doppler speed logs utilize bottom and water-mass tracking technology. Speed meas- urement is based on the doppler effect, which is the difference in frequency between signals trans- mitted to the bottom or water- mass and their return echoes.

Additional information and complete specifications can be ob- tained from Stanley L. Clark,

Raytheon Marine Company, 676

Island Pond Road, Manchester,

N.H. 03103.

American Manufacturing

Opens Tampa Warehouse

American Manufacturing Co.,

Inc., has opened a new warehouse in Tampa to serve southern and central Florida with a complete line of natural and synthetic ropes from 3/16 inches through 4 inches in diameter.

Located at the Land Warehouse

Company, 6002 North 51st Street,

Tampa, Fla. (tel. 318/621-2497), this facility will be under the su- pervision of Bob Johnson, who maintains an office and warehouse in Jacksonville, Fla.

American, with plants in Hones- dale, Pa., and Lafayette, La., has 12 other branch/warehouse loca- tions to serve cities on all coastal waters, the Gulf, and waterways.

Five years ago, the MSD on this vessel was seven vears ahead of its time.



In 1973, when the Central *f}ulf

LASH vessel. Green Valley, and her sister ships were built at the Avon- dale Shipyards, they were outfitted with Red Fox series RF 3000 Type II

Marine Sanitation Devices.

These were among the first LASH vessels to install MSD units to meet all I'S Coast Guard effluent dis- charge standards. Central Guit knew the Red Fox Type II MSD had been the industry benchmark since 1970. meeting the toughest USCG and

IMCO standards for effluent dis- charge. Even standards scheduled to take effect in 1980,

Central Guit' knew that the Red

Please send information on


Name :





State Zip


Mail to:

Red Fox Industries, Inc.

P.O. Box 640

New Iberia, Louisiana 70560

Fox MSD s could be counted on tor dependable operation and efficiency both at the time of installation and in the future. Red Fox units avoid the need for costly changeover later..

Now is the time to install a Red

Fox MSD. You'll have the easiest to operate Type II MSD known; a compact, continuous aeration system without tillers, incinerators, holding tanks, or special commodes. It oper- ates in Fresh or Salt water with only an occasional addition of inexpensive household bleach. No expensive chemicals, sludge removal,or specially trained personnel are required.

Fill out the coupon and we'll show you that the Red Fo\~ MSD is the clear solution tor the future. -

Industries. Inc ' ^ • ' - ~~

P.O. Box 640 New Iberia, La. "0560 MS J65-8I31 Telex 586680 Regional Oft wes* New Orleans. San Diego. New York City. 24 Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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