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National Marine Service

Names Glennon Bequette

Shipyard Division VP

Glennon G. Bequette has been appointed vice president-business development of the Shipyard Di- vision of National Marine Service

Incorporated, D.A. Wright, presi- dent of the company announced.

Among his new duties, Mr.

Bequette will have the responsi- bility for expanding the division's diesel engine services in both ma- rine and non-marine industries.

He will continue his present su- pervisory duties regarding the division's purchasing and sales activities.

Royal Netherlands Orders

Three New Freighters

From Dutch Shipyards

Maarten L. de Ruiter, manag- ing director of Royal Netherlands

Steamship Company (Antilles)

N.V., has announced that three new multi-purpose freighters have been ordered from Dutch shipyards for the company's U.S.

East Coast Services to the Carib- bean and South America. Before the end of this year, a decision will be taken to order a fourth unit.

The new relatively small but extremely versatile vessels will have a maximum deadweight ca- pacity of 5,090 tons and will be suitable for the carriage of con- tainers, breakbulk cargo or bulk cargoes. Each vessel will be 270 feet long, and 52 feet wide. A

Stork-Werkspoor diesel engine of 4,370 bhp will give the ships a service speed of 13-14 knots. In addition, they will be fitted with a controllable-pitch propeller and bow thruster. The vessels are self-sustaining with gear suitable for handling both 20-foot and 40- foot containers, as well as break- bulk cargo and heavy lifts.

All vessels will fly the Dutch flag and enter Royal Netherlands' services in the course of next year, with the first unit ready in


Glennon G. Bequette

Mr. Bequette joined National

Marine in 1963 after several years in other work in the marine field.

He has since held a number of supervisory and managerial posi- tions with the company. He re- mains headquartered at Hartford, 111., and reports directly to E.E.

Ahlemeyer, president of the Ship- yard Division and corporate vice president.

National Marine Service is a leading supplier of liquid bulk transportation services on the

Mississippi River System and the

Gulf Coast. The company's ship- yard at Hartford offers full- service facilities for barge and towboat repairs. Its diesel repair services are widely recognized as among the most expert in the

United States. Its diesel engine repair crews service the needs of customers in all parts of the world.

PRC Awards Contract

To Thunderbolt Marine

Planning Research Company (PRC), under contract to the U.S.

Army, recently awarded a sub- contract to Thunderbolt Marine

Industries (TMI), P.O. Box 5628,

Savannah, Ga. 31404, for repair and modernization of the 100-ton crane barge BD6659, and modern- ization of the 60-ton crane barge

BD6081. The dockside work is be- ing done at TMI's Savannah fa- cility. PRC, out of San Diego,

Calif., is acting as the contract administrator for the Army. TMI is the marine division of the

Latex Construction Company, headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., pipeline contractors for over 35 years.

October 1, 1978



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