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General Electric Credit

Buys Its Eleventh Tanker

General Electric Credit Corpo- ration (GECC) announced it has acquired for $89,980,000 the 165,- 000-dwt Thompson Pass, a new crude carrier to transport Alaska oil to the U.S.

The vessel will be time char- tered to SPC Shipping, Inc., a

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Built at Avondale Shipyards in

New Orleans, La., the 906-foot- long vessel can carry up to 1.2 million barrels of oil. It sailed

August 25 for Cape Horn, and is expected to arrive at Valdez,

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GECC owns 10 other tankers totaling 1,378,500-dwt with a first cost of nearly $644 million.

The Thompson Pass was ac- quired August 23 under a lever- aged leasing arrangement where- by GECC invests a portion of the purchase price in a trust which borrows the balance of the ves- sel's cost from long-term lenders.

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Conn.-based financial arm of the

General Electric Company said that although the international tanker market is currently de- pressed, the demand has been strong for vessels to be used to carry Alaskan crude. Tankers op- erating between US. ports must be American-flag vessels; this has eliminated the bulk of idle world- wide tanker tonnage from con- sideration.

The Thompson Pass is the third tanker GECC has purchased for long-term charter to Sohio. In the last year, GECC also acquired under leveraged lease arrange- ments two 165,000-dwt sister- ships to the Thompson Pass—the

Atigun Pass and the Keystone

Canyon. Both were built at Avon- dale.

GECC acquired sole ownership of the Atigun Pass and is the joint owner of the Keystone Can- yon with Bankers Trust Co.

The new vessel brings the Sohio charter fleet to more than 30 tankers. Sohio owns more than 50 percent of Alaska North Slope crude and one-third of the Trans-

Alaska Pipeline System.

Worthington Receives $2.5-Million Order

For Navy Compressors

The U.S. Naval Sea Systems

Command has ordered 22 marine compressors worth over $2.5 mil- lion from the Process and Gas

Division of Worthington Com- pressors, Inc., as part of a fleet modernization program.

The 50-horsepower, high-pres- sure, oil-free units will replace existing equipment aboard older surface ships. Delivery will be during the first six months of 1980 to various U.S. Navy sup- ply depots across the country.

Navy shipboard compressors are used for missile launchings, pumping air banks on tenders, etc.

Ship Deliveries

Worldwide For 1976

Published By MarAd

The Maritime Administration has published an accounting of worldwide merchant ship deliv- eries during calendar year 1976, and of the ships under construc- tion as of the end of that year.

Listings include breakdowns by vessel type, country of construc- tion and country of registration.

Domestic and foreign shipyards delivered 1,242 new merchant ships totaling 60.4 million dead- weight tons during 1976, the re- port indicates. As of December 31, 1976, there were 2,682 oceangoing merchant-type vessels under con- struction and/or on order through- out the world, it says.

Copies of the report, "New Ship

Construction," prepared by Mar-

Ad's Office of Trade Studies and

Statistics, are available through the agency's Office of Public Af- fairs, 3895 Department of Com- merce Building, Washington, D.C. 20230.

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