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The Euromast.The Spido Pontoon. Gulf Veritas Select.

At the time, it seemed a likely spot to start a city. Handy to the open sea. At the mouth of two lengthy rivers, the Rhine and the Meuse.

Business figured to be good.

The time was 1299.

And today, it does more business than any other seaport on earth.

Rotterdam. Another of the major maritime centers where you'll find Gulf's reliable marine lubricants and service.

Gulf Veritas Select oils add to this reputa- tion. Designed by Gulf marine experts for medium speed diesel engines burning resid- ual fuels, Veritas Select oils are special blends of highest quality solvent processed base oils and select alkaline detergent additives. They provide the alkalinity necessary to effectively neutralize the acidic products of combustion and the high level of detergency needed to maintain a high degree of cylinder, piston, bearing and crankcase cleanliness.

Gulf Veritas Select oils contain a careful balance of corrosion, oxidation and foam inhibitors for additional protection to ensure optimum performance under all service conditions.

Gulf Marine Lubricants. Unexcelled in quality, performance and overall economy.

They are available all over the globe. For complete information contact your local Gulf

Trading and Transportation Company marine consultant. In New York, ask for Jim Allen, (212) 397-1300. In

London, Robin

Lawrie, 01-283-1638.

In Tokyo, call M.

Mizutani, 239-0211. Gulf Trading and Transportation Company

A Division of Gulf Oil Corporation

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