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Large Attendance

Apparent For Ship

Vibration Symposium

The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) is joining with the interagency

Ship Structure Committee (SSC) in the sponsorship of an inter- national Ship Vibration Symposi- um to be held at the Sheraton

National Hotel in Arlington, Va. (Metropolitan Washington, D.C.), on October 16-17, 1978. The reg- istration list promises a large at- tendance.

The symposium will bring to- gether representatives of the maritime community, including ship operators, builders, design- ers, researchers, governmental and classification bodies to discuss all aspects of ship vibration, noise, and hull/machinery incompatibil- ity. It will foster an awareness and appreciation of shipboard vi- bration and noise problems.

Port Weller Dry Docks

Names Waring And Elliott

Brian G. Waring

Duncan Maxwell, president of

Port Weller Dry Docks of St.

Catharines, Ontario, Canada, a division of Upper Lakes Shipping

Ltd., has announced the appoint- ments of two senior staff mem- bers. Brian G. Waring becomes vice president, responsible for production, productivity, planning and cost control, and computer systems. Mr. Waring's previous appointments with the company included outfit superintendent, general superintendent, and man- ager of planning and control.

Alex N. Elliott

Alex N. Elliott has been ap- pointed technical manager, re- sponsible for the administration of the drawing offices and the estimating and design offices, as well as domestic and international marketing. Prior to his appoint- ment, Mr. Elliott was Port Wel- ler's naval architect.

MarAd Approves

Title XI Guarantee

For Eagle Dredge

Deputy Assistant Secretary of

Commerce for Maritime Affairs

Samuel B. Nemirow has approved in principle an application by

Eagle Dredging Corporation,

Suite 3700, One Shell Square,

New Orleans, La., for a Title XI guarantee to aid in financing the construction of one self-propelled hopper suction dredge. Eagle is owned by Bean-Volker Corpora- tion and Royal Adriaan Volker

Group B.V.

Avondale Shipyards, Inc., has been selected to build the dredge, with delivery scheduled for the fall of 1980. The dredge will have an overall length of approximately 328 feet and a molded beam of 68 feet. Its full load displacement at dredging draft will be 10,876 long tons, and it will be capable of a speed of 14 knots. Eagle antici- pates that the vessel will be em- ployed on Federal dredging proj- ects, varying in duration from a few months to over a year.

The estimated actual cost of the dredge is $37,937,389; 87y2 percent of that amount is eligible for the Title XI guarantee.


Barnacles, sea lettuce, green algae, tube worms. They all have one thing in common. They chew up millions of dollars yearly.

Dollars that should have been profits.

They're slow death to the efficiency of any ship. Whether it's a bulk ship, tank ship or dry cargo ship. Whether it's a coastal ship or VLCC. And the bigger they come, the faster profits fall

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Depending on water temperature, displacement, weather, currents and other variables. Interesting? How's, you r .barnacle this vear?

Regularly scheduled cleaning will extend dry dock cycles.

Vessel downtime is reduced to an absolute minimum and normal operations proceed on schedule. For instance, a 250kDWT VLCC can be cleaned in 8 to 12 hours-and cargo can be discharged at the same time! An optimal cleaning program after fouling begins is once every round trip for long haul vessels, and every three to four months for other vessels. SCAMP hull cleaning stations are strategically located on major trade routes. Bookings can be arranged to accommodate ships' schedules worldwide by contacting Butterworth

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Underwater Cleaning & Diving Rotterdam BV

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Reparaciones y Trabajos Submarinos, S.L.

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Marine Engineering Corporation

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Hydrospace International

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Maridive and Oil Services

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Societe Maritime de Degazage

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