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The new 6,000-hp tug Jabbar is shown utilizing the newly designed bow winches for tractor towing.

EQUIPMENT ON M/V JABBAR (McAllister Bros. Tug)

Main Engines Two General Motors EMD 16-645-E7A each rated 2,875 bhp @ 900 rpm

Reduction Gears Two Falk Model 3040MR 4.962:1 ratio

Generators Three Detroit Diesel

Propellers Avondale Shipyards, Inc.

Bow Winches New England Trawler Equipment Co.

Anchor Windlass New England Trawler Equipment Co.

Towing Hook New England Trawler Equipment Co.

Primary Radar ITT Decca Marine, Inc.

Secondary Radar ITT Decca Marine, Inc.

VHF Radio ITT Decca Marine, Inc.

SSB Radio ITT Decca Marine, Inc.

Loran C ITT Decca Marine, Inc.

Fathometer Raytheon Marine Co.

Telephone Henschel Corporation

General Alarm Hose-McCann Telephone Co., Inc.

Transformers Square D Company

Evaporator Maxim (Riley-Beaird, Inc.)

Steering Sperry Vickers Div. of Sperry Rand Corp.

Fire Pump Aurora Pump

Fire Pump Engine Detroit Diesel

Air-Horn Kahlenberg Bros. Co.

Searchlights Perko, Inc.

Fuel Filters AMF Cuno

Stuffing Box Johnson Corp.

Hong Kong Owners

Buying Secondhand Ships

The Hong Kong Trade Develop- ment Council reports that Hong

Kong shipowners are buying sec- ondhand ships in world markets at the rate of $60 million worth over the past several months.

Since April, owners in the Colony have bought more than 20 ships ranging from the very large crude carriers (VLCCs) and ore-oil car- riers to small cargo vessels. In a recent interview, one leading

Hong Kong shipowner said that the price his company paid last

April for two ore-oil carriers was 75 percent less than what similar vessels would cost today.

The reason given for Hong

Kong's strength as a buying pow- er is the fact that its shipowners have generally been able to steer clear of the adverse effects of the world shipping recession that oc- curred between 1974 and 1977.

This was attributed to the "con- servative" way they operate their business. According to Frank

Chao, the president of Wah Kwong and Co. (HK) Ltd. and vice presi- dent of the International Shipping

Federation, "we always find em- ployment in long-term charter for the ship before we acquire it."

Asks Title XI Aid For

Construction Of $14-Million

Drilling Platform

Southern Marine-A Joint Ven- ture, 900 Corpus Christi National

Bank Building, Corpus Christi,

Texas, has applied for Title XI financing to aid in the construc- tion of the J Storm X, a mobile jackup drilling platform.

The 275-foot, three-column, mat-type drilling platform, cur- rently under construction at Beth- lehem Steel's Beaumont, Texas, facility, will be contracted for drilling operations in the Gulf of

Mexico. Scheduled to be delivered in January 1979, the platform will be capable of operating in water depths of at least 23 feet. It is designed to be towed to drilling locations.

The Title XI guarantee would be for approximately 75 percent of the estimated actual cost of $14,550,000.

Swedish Government

May Permit Kockums

To Sell Subs Abroad

A "positive response" has been received by the shipbuilding com- pany, Swedish Kockums Yarv AB, from the government to sell a model of a civilian submarine abroad — the Type 45, according to Sven Rahmberg, manager of

Kockums Naval Division. "Kockums has placed offers for submarines in a foreign country, and to sell to that country it is necessary to have a license from the government. The government response has been good, so I think Kockums will get the li- cense," Mr. Rahmberg said from

Kockums Malmo headquarters.

He would not reveal with which country Kockums placed the of- fers, but he said that the contract would amount to about 500 mil- lion Swedish kroner (4.46 Swedish kroner equals one U.S. dollar), and would mean employment for some 200 persons over a five-year period.

He also would not confirm the exact number of subs involved, but indicated that the contract would call for the sale of between two and three vessels.

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