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Todd Will Deliver 2 400' Barges To Montauk

Oil Transportation Corp.

The Galveston Division of Todd

Shipyards Corporation is ex- pected to deliver the first of two petroleum product barges, under construction for Montauk Oil

Transportation Corp., early in 1980. The 400-foot by 78-foot by 31-foot barge, to be named Cibro

Norfolk, has a capacity of 135,000 barrels.

The barge will be equipped with a two-pipeline system for carriage of multiple-grade petroleum prod- ucts. Three deep-well pumps will discharge the cargo at a rate of 15,000 barrels per hour. The ABS- classed A-l manned Cibro Nor- folk will have accommodations for a crew of four. It will have a loaded speed of 7 knots with a 6,000-hp tug and 10 knots light.

Montauk Oil Transportation

Corp., a division of Cibro Petro- leum, is constantly adding to its fleet of barges for their inland and offshore work. Todd Galves- ton is expected to deliver the sec- ond barge, the Cibro Savannah, in September of 1980. Three other barges, Cibro Philadelphia, Cibro

Albany, and Cibro New York, were recently constructed at

Todd's Houston Division and are currently in service.

Donald A. Adley Named

Senior VP Of Marketing

At Farrell Lines

George F. Lowman, chairman of the board and chief executive officer, Farrell Lines Incorporated, has announced the appointment of

Donald A. Adley as senior vice president, Marketing. Mr. Adley, a graduate of Dartmouth College, comes to Farrell Lines with broad and diversified experience in the marketing management field in- volving road, air and ocean trans- portation. He was formerly pres- ident of the Adley Corporation, a motor common carrier, general manager-Cargo, Trans World Air- lines, and Group vice president-

Marketing and Sales, Barber

Steamship Lines Inc., the posi- tion he held at the time he joined

Farrell Lines.

Raytheon Service Co.

Brochure Describes

Auto-Alarm RCVR/KYR

Raytheon Service Company re- cently published a brochure de- scribing their new Auto-Alarm

Receiver / Keyer. The Raytheon

Auto-Alarm, Model RAY-1AAR/

K is a solid-state rackmountable unit designed to monitor the 500- kHz international radiotelegraph distress frequency band and ac- tuate a continuous audible alarm upon detection of a distress sig- nal.

The RAY-1AAR/K contains several unique design features, including automatic gain control (AGC) system for optimum re- ceiver sensitivity, precise recog- nition of valid distress signals, and type approval in conformance with FCC 1981 timing regula- tions, Part 83.554.

The signal keyer automatically "keys" radiotelegraph transmit- ters with the International Ra- diotelegraph Alarm signal. The 12-volt d-c power source required to operate the Signal Keyer is normally supplied by the radio- room emergency battery supply.

The Auto-Alarm is presently in- stalled in Solas Communication

Consoles onboard a number of ships.

For complete details and a free copy of the four-page brochure on the Auto-Alarm Receiver/

Keyer, write Charles Chartier,

MR-1, Raytheon Service Compa- ny, 2 Wayside Road, Burlington,

Mass. 01803. $15-Million Overhaul

Contract Received By

Bethlehem San Francisco

Bethlehem Steel Corporation,

San Francisco, Calif., has been awarded a $15,149,537 firm fixed price contract for regular over- haul of the USS Kansas City (AOR-3). The Naval Sea Systems

Command is the contracting ac- tivity. (N62798-70-C-0010)


Marin Marine Sewage Systems...on the best of ships for

J V the best of reasons! MTS ARGONAUT


Like your ship, the well-known vessels shown here were required to install systems for treating sewage while in port and in coastal waters. Like you, their owners did not wish to lay over for extensive refitting. Nor did they want to com- mit valuable crew time to intricate maintenance procedures.

Their choice was obvious.

Marland makes physical/ chemical systems for vessels of all sizes. Rated as U.S. Coast

Guard Type II Marine Sanita- tion Devices, Marland's Sani-

Systems® are the only such systems made in America to have gained I.M.C.O. certifi- cations Compact, modular and highly adaptable to exist- ing shipboard conditions,

Sani-systems are installed in minimum time. They start up instantly when needed and close down with the flick of a switch.

Isn't your choice obvious?

Write for our new lit- erature which will show clearly "the best of rea- sons for the best of ships." 'Tested to I.M.C.O. standards as adapted under

Resolution MEPC. 2 (VI) by the

British Dept. of Trade.



N. Main Street, Walworth, Wl 53184 • (414) 275-2171

Telex: 910-278-2469 Marland

N Y. Sales Office: 501 East 87th St., New York, NY 10028 • (212) 734-4426

Marland U.K.: 181 Queen Victoria St., London EC4V4DD England • (01) 725-1056 • Telex: 27576 MARLMC

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