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Bethlehem Reorganizes

Shipbuilding Department

David H. Klinges, vice president in charge of shipbuilding, Beth- lehem Steel Corporation, Beth- lehem, Pa., recently announced a reorganization of the department, effective December 1, 1979.

Continuing to head the ship- building executive offices are Mr.

Klinges and John C. Estes, assist- ant vice president.

Tug and its Environment." The meeting will be sponsored by the

Council of Marine Carriers and

B.C. Towboat Owners Association.

The B.C. Towboat Industry

Conference is open to all mem- bers of the Council of Marine

Carriers, the B.C. Towboat Own- ers Association, and any other persons interested in the devel- opment of the towboat industry.

The main program will consist of three technical sessions and a visit to the Institute of Ocean

Sciences, Patricia Bay. The con- ference fee includes all aspects of the main program, ladies pro- gram, cost of lunches, hospitality suite, cocktail party, banquet, and dance. The cost of accommoda- tions and any other meals is not included. The fee will be $125.

Subjects will include: Trans- portation in the Forest Industry —An Update; Fraser River Estu- ary Study; West Coast Mariners

Assistance Program; Marine San- itation Devices—A Panel Discus- sion on Existing and Proposed

Regulations ; Regulation, The En- vironment and the Shipyard; Ship

Handling Tug Design; The Other

End of the Towline; and Fuel


Direct all inquiries to Peter

Woodward, Council of Marine

Carriers, #200-1575 West George

Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6G 2V3.

Telephone (604) 687-9677.

Under the reorganization,

Herbert I. Freinberg becomes general manager of operations and facilities, Francis J. Long becomes general manager of hu- man resources, and Thomas F.

Robinson becomes general man- ager of technical services.

In the operations and facilities organization, Mr. Freinberg will be assisted by Rockwell Holman, manager of production; Sidney

S. Cohen, superintendent of esti- mating and pricing; Allan F.

Stacy Jr., superintendent of plan- ning ; Timothy E. Cummings, con- struction engineer; John G. Rog- ers, planning engineer, and Tore

O. Hartmann-Hansen, facilities engineer.

Assisting Mr. Long in the hu- man resources group will be

George L. Bowen, manager of la- bor relations, safety and workers' compensation, and equal employ- ment; Mary S. Murphy, admin- istrative manager of salary and office administration; Wendell O.

Robertson, superintendent of management development; Allan

Gunderson, superintendent of per- sonnel services, and Ruth E.

Thompson, administrative assist- ant for public affairs.

Mr. Robinson will head the or- ganization within the shipbuild- ing department that has been known as central technical divi- sion.

Mr. Klinges said that the sales group will continue in its present format. Roland V. Danielson is manager of new ship construc- tion, Louis W. Gomlick is man- ager of ship repair sales, William

H. Bevan is assistant manager of ship repair sales, Robert W. Mil- ler is manager of industrial prod- ucts sales, Richard H. Jones is assistant manager of industrial products sales, Bradford J. Sibley is sales engineer, John J. Hef- fernan is manager of contract administration, and James W.

Bramblet Jr. is assistant manager of contract administration.

David T. Cianelli will continue as legislative liaison in the Wash- ington, D.C., office.

Fourth British Columbia

Towboat Conference Set

For March 21-22, 1980

The Fourth British Columbia

Towboat Industry Conference will be held at the Empress Hotel,

Victoria, British Columbia, March 21-22, 1980. The theme of the conference this year will be "The

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