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The MARCO-built 123-foot Northern Leader was recently delivered to its new owners, Tom and Colleen Peterson and Russell Ott. The vessel is equipped for all phases of crab fishing, bottom fish trawling and freezing. 123-Foot Northern Leader From MARCO

Equipped As Catcher, Freezer, Packer

The Northern Leader, the third in a new series of 123-foot com- bination boats constructed by Ma- rine Construction & Design Co. (MARCO), Seattle, Wash., was delivered recently. It is reported to be one of the most versatile fishing vessels for the North Pa- cific yet constructed by MARCO.

Owners of the new vessel are

Tom and Colleen Peterson, expe- rienced participants in the fishing industry, and Russell Ott, veteran fisherman of several North Pa- cific fisheries. They also own an- other crabber, the 120-foot Ocean

Leader. Mr. Ott will skipper the

Northern Leader.

It is the first to be equipped by MARCO for dry refrigerated holds as well as for chilled sea- water and circulating seawater.

The all-steel vessel is equipped to work all phases of crab fishing, bottom fish trawling, and freez- ing. It will also operate as a tend- er, packer, and processor for her- ring and salmon.

With its 9-foot stern ramp and installed prepiping, the Northern

Leader can be easily converted to trawling.

For salmon and herring pack- ing, the Northern Leader has three insulated holds with an 80- ton chilled seawater system.

These three holds, plus a fourth hold in the lazarette area, can be used to carry dry frozen product with 9,300 cubic feet of capacity.

The hydraulic deck machinery for crabbing includes a MARCO

KingHauler for hauling crab pots, a KingCoiler for line coiling, a double action crab pot dumping rack, and a bait chopper.

A MARCO U880 Capsulpump fish pump will be used during packing operations.

The new vessel utilizes a 12- ton Slattery knuckle boom crane with a MARCO W3000 winch.

Other MARCO winches include a

W0650 topping winch, another

W3000 boom winch, and an A5031 anchor winch.

The main engine is a Cater- pillar D399 turbocharged and after-cooled diesel that develops 1,125 bhp and is coupled to a

Caterpillar 7271 hydraulic re- verse reduction gear. The vessel has a Coolidge 90-inch four-bladed stainless-steel propeller.

Auxiliary power is provided by two Caterpillar D3408 TA diesel engines, each coupled to a 250-kw generator set. The Northern

Leader, unlike other vessels in the series, has a 440-volt elec- trical system for the refrigeration system. There is also a Cater- pillar D3304 T auxiliary engine with a 90-kw generator.

A major change in the series design has been the enlarging of the engine room to accommodate the refrigeration system. This was accomplished by moving the after engine room bulkhead be- tween the wing tanks 5 feet aft.

The layout and decoration of the interior was designed by Mrs.

Peterson. Mrs. Peterson also de- signed a new open galley arrange- ment for the Northern Leader.

Mr. Ott, skipper and part own- er of the Northern Leader, has designed a completely new master control console that provides a panoramic view of all electronics.

The console is at a 60-degree angle, and the electronics are re- cessed in the console so that the pilot can conveniently monitor all navigation and fishing operations.

Pilothouse electronics include two Simrad Lorans, two Raytheon radars and one OKI radar, a Sim- rad recording depth sounder, Wes- mar scanning sonar, Ross depth indicator, Sperry autopilot, Sperry gyrocompass, JAX-12 facsimile weather receiver, and VHF, CB and two SSB radios. The Wagner hydraulic steering system includes a walnut wheel for emergency control, plus three jog stations.

The Northern Leader is the ninth fishing vessel for the North

Pacific fisheries MARCO has de- livered this year. The previously delivered 123-foot boats were the

Sea Wolf and Arctic Wind, both completed this past summer.

FMC Releases Study

On Virgin Islands Trade

The Federal Maritime Commis- sion has prepared a Virgin Islands

Trade Study. The report focuses upon both recent and anticipated ocean shipping developments in the trades between the U.S. Vir- gin Islands and the U.S. main- land, Puerto Rico, various Carib- bean nations, Europe, and other trading partners.

The study includes a descrip- tion of the U.S. Virgin Islands economy, fleet configuration in the

Virgin Islands trade, a review of the region's ports and harbors, and an extensive economic anal- ysis of the impact of ocean trans- portation on the Islands' economy.

The report also provides a com- prehensive listing and discussion of the flow of various commodi- ties in the Virgin Islands' foreign and domestic trade, as well as a detailed survey of the attitudes of Virgin Islands shippers toward the quality of the ocean transpor- tation services they utilize.

FMC Chairman Richard J.

Daschbach observed that the study "should provide additional information required for enlight- ened regulation of the maritime industry serving the Virgin Is- lands."

The Commission has previous- ly published similar economic analyses of current and prospec- tive conditions in the North At- lantic, North Pacific, Hawaiian and Alaskan trades. Copies of the "Virgin Islands Trade Study: An

Economic Analysis" may be ob- tained by sending a check or money order for $8 to Superin- tendent of Documents, U.S. Gov- ernment Printing Office, Wash- ington, D.C. 20402. (Stock Num- ber 014-000-00069-1)

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