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countries this potential may not be achieved. A great deal depends on a refining and consolidation of politics and economic planning in general, and oil policy in partic- ular, in countries such as Libya,

Nigeria, Venezuela, and Mexico, which are among those outside the Middle East with the great- est potential for an expansion in oil production in the 1980s.

The Study concludes that by 1985 a total in the range of 67-95 million dwf of long-haul tanker demand could have been displaced by increased oil production from short and medium-haul sources.

Since the long-haul routes are largely tonnaged by VLCCs and

ULCCs, the implication is that this displacement of long-haul tanker demand will deal a blow to employment prospects for large tankers, and serve to further the trend already evident toward me- dium-sized ships. "Crude Oil Supply and Tanker

Demand," No. 76 in a series of reports on various aspects of ship- ping prepared by the Research Di- vision of HPD Shipping Publica- tions, 34 Brook Street, Mayfair,

London W1Y 2LL, England, is available at a single copy rate of

US $95 (all overseas orders) or £40 (UK only), or on a subscrip- .......... 1. -

Photo from ABSTECH report shows no rust damage after 954 years. When Fluid Film (A) was scraped away from ballast tanks, no oxidation was found on base metal (B).

Fluid Film Gel B Exotic Coatings

None to minimum surface preparation.

Sandblasting required

Can be applied to damp surface

Dry surface required

Needs only one coat. Two to three coats required.

No curing time needed. 48 hours curing time necessary.

Over 400°F flash point during application. 110°F flash point during application

Three-year no-rust guarantee

No other guarantees known

Chart comparison based on n-service ballast tank applications "This guarantee does not cover applications where our specifications were not followed or to in-service vessels where Fluid Film may have been applied over loose, non-adhering rust/scale. It also does not cover any area where the material was removed.




World Headquarters 234 Lawrence Avenue, South San

Francisr.o, CA 94080, Tel (415) 761-3536, Telex: 349 465

Gulf Coast Division P O Box 6937, Houston, Texas 77005,

Tel (713) 528 2742 • Mr S. Hart

East Coast Division Rouse Tower, Suite 4000, 6060 Jefferson Avenue. Newport News, Virginia 23605

Tel (804) 380 8220 • Mr H, Warren


Singapore/Brunei Lindeteves-Jacoberg (Far East) Pte.

Ltd No 1 Commonwealth Lane PO Box 1058. Singapore. 3, Telex 21421, Tel: 647191 • Mr, A J Cathery

Kota Kinabalu Lindeteves Jacoberg ISabahj Sdn

Bhd., 5, Tanjonq Lipat Road, PO Box 369, Kota Kinabalu.

Sabah, Malaysia. Telex 80031. Tel: 55611 & 55612 •

Mr Th Broeksma

Kuala Lumpur Lindeteves-Jacoberg (M) Stn

Bhd . PO Box 369, Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia, Telex 37579,

Tel 775511 • Mr. J G Bouma

Japan Nichimen Company, Ltd , 15, Nakanoshima 2 Chome Kita Ku, Osaka 530 Japan. Telex 63247 Tel (06) 345 2111 • Mr Y Sawada

United Kingdom Highgate & Job Ltd , 60 Murray Street,

Paisley Scotland PA3 1QH,Telex: 77189,Tel 041 889 3207-

Mr John Hicks

Highgate & Job Ltd , 35 Regent Road, Liverpool, England

L5 9TB, Telex 629264 • Mr M C Cameron

Federal Republic of Germany Alfred Hodt Postfach 11 15 26, Hopfenmarkt 33, 2000 Hamburg 11, Federal Republic of Germany. Telex: 211088, Tel (040)362521 • Mr B Schultz

Sweden and Finland Henning Stenbeck AB, P.O

Box 23 S 182 51 Diursholm Sweden, Telex 10270. Tel: (08) 755-2775 • Mr Bengt Bergstrom

Norway and Denmark A/S B Bergstrom & Co

Klingenberggt 7. Oslo 1 Norway, Telex 11772 Tel 410676 426054 • Mr Arild Honne

Rust is the cancer.

Fluid Film is the answer.

EUREKA CHEfMCAl COfTlPAHV tion basis US $360 (all overseas orders) or £150 (UK only) for the series 71-80.

Lips-Doran To Establish

Chesapeake, Va., Plant

Lips-Doran Company, a subsid- iary of Lips Propeller Works of

Drunen, the Netherlands, will es- tablish one of its U.S. manufac- turing and service facilities in

Chesapeake, Va.

Lips is one of the world's larg- est manufacturers of large mono- block propellers, controllable-pitch propellers and thrusters. The com- pany operates 32 facilities around the world.

The Lips-Doran plant in Chesa- peake will construct a new build- ing on a five-acre tract in the

Cavalier Industrial Park in Chesa- peake. The new plant will serve as a production and repair facility for mono-block propellers, con- trollable-pitch propellers and thrusters. Company spokesman

Jeff van Oekel indicated opera- tions are expected to begin in mid-1980.

The company has operated a similar facility in Mississippi since 1970. However, according to

Mr. van Oekel, the intense con- centration of shipbuilding activity along the East Coast of the

United States, and in Virginia's

Tidewater area particularly, per- suaded the company to shift these operations. The company has been in operation in temporary facili- ties in the Tidewater area since 1977. Lips-Doran will continue to operate their propeller facilities in Oakland, Calif., and Portland,


Corpus Christi Marine

Names Herschel Chase

Herschel Chase

The appointment of Herschel

E. Chase as marine sales repre- sentative for Corpus Christi Ma- rine Services Company in Hous- ton, Texas, was announced by

Waylon Boles, vice president.

Mr. Chase will be responsible for sales of marine fuels in the

Houston area. Corpus Christi Ma- rine sells and delivers marine fuel on the Texas Gulf Coast through the use of its fleet of 13 barges and six towboats.

Mr. Chase joins CCMS after spending 30 years with Exxon

Company, U.S.A. He is a member of The Society of Naval Archi- tects and Marine Engineers, and the Society of Port Engineers.

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