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Only excellence can describe the Waukesha

Mark I and Mark II Sterntube Seals. These seals have been put into service around the world on everything from supply boats to super tankers and continually provide trouble-free operation. For the Mark of Ex- cellence in sterntube seals, our Mark I and

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WA-2 •

AWO Reports $2.9 Billion

In New Waterways Plants

In First Half Of 1979

More than 20,000 new jobs were created by 245 plantsites built or expanded along commer- cially navigable waterways of the

U.S.' in the first half of 1979, ac- cording to an AWO survey. The 245 industrial facilities represent a 22 percent increase over the first half of 1978.

Of the total, 167 facilities re- ported capital investments of $2.9 billion and 76 facilities reported a total of 20,246 new jobs, a 23- percent increase in new jobs over the first half of 1978.

AWO records show that 99 of the facilities are metal-producing operations, 65 are petroleum and chemical installations, 13 are pa- per and wood-producing facili- ties, 10 are terminals, docks and wharves, and 58 are general man- ufacturing installations.

The Mississippi River accounts for 49 facilities, the Ohio River 26, the Houston Ship Channel 24, the Tennessee River 17, the Ar- kansas River 15, the Missouri

River and Gulf Intracoastal Wa- terway 13 each, and the Columbia

River and Atlantic Intracoastal

Waterway 11 each.

This brings the total plantsites constructed since 1952, when

AWO began compiling statistics, to 11,254, representing a capital investment of more than $205.3 billion.

Marine Drilling Requests

Title XI For 4 Rigs

Costing $86 Million

Marine Drilling Ltd., 900 Cor- pus Christi National Bank Build- ing, Corpus Christi, Texas 78401, has applied for a Title XI guar- antee to aid in financing the con- struction of four jaekup drill rigs.

The rigs, which will be capable of drilling in up to 200 feet of water, will be operated in the Gulf of Mexico. One rig, constructed by Baker Shipyard, Ingleside,

Texas, was delivered in July 1979.

The remaining three are to be constructed at Bethlehem Steel

Corporation's Beaumont, Texas, yard and are expected to be de- livered on February 1, May 1, and

August 1, 1980.

If approved, Title XI financing would cover $64,000,000 of the total actual cost of the rigs of $86,190,000. » Bow Steering » Maneuvering * Position Keeping » Slow Speed Propulsion

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Cable Address Omnithrust




NEW YORK, N. Y. 10016 (212) 689-3266, 3267, 3268, 3269


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