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RAYCAS. Because safety at sea is no accident.

The world's finest Collision

Avoidance system is also the most economical.

Will you collide? RAYCAS (Raytheon Collision Avoidance

System) provides the answer in seconds, and helps you select the best evasive action.

RAYCAS combines a compact computer module with a Mariners

Pathfinder® 16-inch Bright

Display radar. This provides three unique installation options: 1. add only the RAYCAS module to an existing Raytheon 16-inch

Bright Display radar; 2. add the RAYCAS module and 16-inch Bright Display plus adaptive interface to existing

Decca, Sperry, or Selenia radar systems; 3. install the complete

RAYCAS/Raytheon Bright

Display Radar System.

Whichever you choose, you get a proven Collision Avoidance

System that exceeds existing requirements. . . and cost less than other units.

Unmatched radar performance.

The Raytheon Bright Display presentation helps make RAYCAS the most effective Collision

Avoidance System in the world.

In addition to direct daylight viewing, it features two-level video and automatic interference rejection. This provides the clutter suppression and noise-free picture so essential for reliable target acquisition and tracking. Proven 3 and 10-cm interswitch capability and TCPA (Time to CPA). • Points of



Automatically displayed. • Digitally


Data: CPA and

TCPA; own ship's speed and course; target's range, bearing, speed, and true course; own vector length; vector time; BCR (Bow

Crossing Range) and BCT (Bow

Crossing Time). • Trial Maneuver: Scope displays results of own ship's trial course and speed changes. • Visual and Audible Warnings:

Dangerous target, target in guard zone, equipment fault, trial maneuver, and target lost. • Automatic Drift Correction:

Computed by tracking on fixed navigation aid. • Navigation Lines: Scope presentation of 8 lines for fairways. • Brightness Controls: Separate adjustments for radar and computer video. • Performance Monitor: Manual or automatic monitoring of radar performance.

Two-year warranty.

The American made

RAYCAS, like the more than 5000 Raytheon Dual 3 and 10-cm Radars now in service, is already a proven performer.

Installations have been made on all types of vessels from coastal ships to VLCC'S.

RAYCAS has a two year limited parts warranty. On board service is free for one year within a fifty-mile radius of any of our

U.S. Dealers and worldwide service network in major ports everywhere. assures compliance with MARAD requirements for dual installations.

User-oriented presentation.

RAYCAS uses basic radar system video as input for the computer. The computer- generated collision avoidance symbols are then electronically superimposed directly on the Bright Display radar picture. As a result, observers can use familiar radar procedures assisted by target vectors, points of potential collision and other anti-collision data.

RAYCAS features. • Relative-motion Display:

Centered or 70% off-centered with course-up or north-up. • True-motion Display: Own ship moving across scope with course-up or north-up. • Target Acquisition: Manual or automatic with fixed and adjustable guard zones. • Tracked Targets: Up to the 20 most dangerous targets. • Target Vectors: Indicate true or relative courses and speeds; adjustable time base helps predict future position. • Target Trails: Indicate target's past position and course. • Dangerous Targets:

Automatically selected by pre-set

CPA (Closest Point of Approach)

For more detailed information contact the

Raytheon Marine Company office nearest you.

Raytheon Marine Company 676 Island Pond Road

Manchester, New Hampshire 03103 U.S.A.

Telephone: (603) 668-1600

Telex: 94-34-59

Raytheon Marine Sales

And Service Company

Siljangade 6

DK-2300 Copenhagen S


Telephone: (451) 57-06-11

Telex: 31473 RAYCO DK

Raytheon Marine Sales

And Services Company

Mianto-lse Bldg. 3F 3-12-1, Kaigan-Dori

Naha-Ku, Yohoham, Japan 231

Telephone: (045) 212-3633

Raytheon Marine

And Service Company

Millard House 5 Exchange Building

Cutler Street

London El

Telephone: 01-623-4451/2

Telex: 8954198

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