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Shell Marine Jobbers provide service, facilities and quality Shell products.


Bayou La Batre

Deep Sea Marine Products

Location: West Bank, 500 Tram


Phone: (205) 824-4127

Radio: Ch 16.VHF


Midstream Fuel Service, inc.

Location: Mobile River. Mile 1.5

Address: Fairhope 36532

Phone: (205) 433-4972

Radio: Ch 16.VHF



Helena Fuel & Harbor Service, Inc.

Location: Mississippi Service. Inc.

Mississippi River, Mile 66]

Riverfront & Bridge Road

Phone: (501)338-8321

Radio: Ch 16



Bay Area Petroleum, Inc.

Location: 421 23rd Ave.

Phone: (415) 534-4517

San Diego

Alameda & Brito, DBA Tuna Clipper


Location: San Diego Harbor

Foot of Crosby Street

Phone: (714) 232-1838

San Pedro

San Pedro Marine. Inc.

Location: Berth 74

Phone (213) 832-1339



See Savannah Oil & Chemical

Savannah, Ga.

Port Everglades

Belcher Oil Company

Location: Port Everglades 2401 Eisenhower Boulevard

Address: Fort Lauderdale

Phone: (305) 525-4261


Belcher Oil Company

Location: Tampa Bay

Phone: (813) 247-4572, 247-4573

West Palm Beach

Belcher Oil Company

Location: Port of Palm Beach 1733 Hill Avenue

Phone: (305)848-1495



See Savannah Oil & Chemical

Savannah, Ga.


Belcher Oil Company

Location: Savannah River, Mile 17

Pier 50, Georgia Ports Authority

Phone: (912) 964-8821


Savannah Oil & Chemical

Location: Savannah River 647 W. River Street

Phone: (912) 234-5402



Ory Bros. Marine Service of

America. Inc.

Location: Upper Mississippi River,

Mile 197

Foot of Hawthorne Street

Phone: (618) 254-0626 (Illinois) (314) 741-2570 (Missouri)

Radio: Ch 16, KLC 791

Wood River

Hartford Fueling Service

Location: Upper Mississippi River,

Mile 196

Phone: (618) 254-4333 (314) 741-3667

Radio: Ch 16 VHF KLG 280



Wooten River Service

Location: Ohio River, Mile 603 2927 River Road

Phone: (502) 896-0317


Molloy Marine Service, Inc.

Location: Ohio River, Mile 934 100 Husband

Phone: (502) 443-6456


Walker Midstream Fuel and

Service Co.

Location: Ohio River, Mile 934 532 South Second St.

Phone: (502) 442-2738

Radio: freg. 156



Berwick Bay Oil Co., Inc.

Location: Bayou Boeuf

Intracoastal Waterway 1/2 mile North 85 mile board

See Berwick listing under Morgan

City, La.

Baton Rouge

Capital Marine Supply, Inc.

Location: Lower Mississippi, Mile 230

Foot of North Street

Phone: (504) 343-8379

Radio: Channels 16. 7a. 10. 66a VHF

KFT 322. baton Rouge

Channel Fueling Service, Inc.

Location: Lower Mississippi. Mile 232

River Road

Phone: (504) 383-4691, 383-4814

Radio: freq. 156.8

Belle Chasse

Plaquemines Oil Sales Corp.

See Plaquemines Oil, Venice. La.


Berwick Bay Oil Co., Inc.

Location: Atchafalaya River - 1/4 mile north of Hwy 90 bridge

See Berwick Oil Listing under

Morgan City, La.


Berwick Bay Oil Co., Inc.

Location: Calcasieu River

See Berwick Bay Oil listing,

Morgan City. La.


Cameron Marine Service, Inc.

Location: Calcasieu River

Phone: (318) 775-5206


Berwick Bay Oil Co., inc.

Location: Houma Navigation Channel 17 miles South of Houma

See Berwick Bay Oil listing.

Morgan City, La.


John W. Stone Oil Distributor, Inc.

Location: Lower Mississippi, Mile 96.5 87 First Street, Gretna

Harvey 77059

Phone: (504) 366-3401

Radio: KGW 352


Houma Oil Company, Inc.

Location: Intracoastal Canal

Phone: (504) 872-0464

Intracoastal City

Berwick Bay Oil Co.. Inc.

Location: Vermillion River - 1/4 mile north of Intracoastal Canal Mile 155

See Berwick Bay Oil listing,

Morgan City, La.

Lake Charles

Channel Fueling Service, Inc.

See Channel Fueling Service,

Sulphur, La.

Morgan City

Berwick Bay Oil Company, Inc.

Location: Young's Road

Phone: (504) 384-1610

Radio: Ch 16 VHF-KXR979

New Orleans

Gulf Outlet Fuel & Marine

Supplies, Inc.

Location: Gulf Intracoastal Waterways

Mile 8 East 3400 Jourdan Road

Phone: (504)241-8680

Radio: KVF B93

Port Allen

Tri-State Marine Service Co.

Location: Lower Mississippi, Mile 227.5

River Road

Phone: (504) 749-3171

Radio: 156.8


Channel Fueling Service. Inc.

Location: Gulf Intracoastal Waterway

West, Intersection of Calcasieu


Phone: (318) 583-7215. 583-7384

Radio: 156.8


Plaquemines Oil Sales Corp.

Location: Mississippi River

Mile 10.5 at Grand Pass

Louisiana Hwy 23, Venice

Address: Belle Chasse

Phone: (504) 394-5555 (Belle

Chasse) (504) 534-7403 (Venice)

Radio: WYZ 2375



Progressive Oil Co., Inc.

Location: Gloucester

Address: 92 Grove St.

Phone: (617) 283-2000



Waterways - Winona. Inc.

Location: Upper Mississippi, Mile 725 376 East 2nd St.

Address: 455 North St.

Fountain City, Wi.

Phone: (608) 687-6931 (Wisconsin) (507) 452-5252 (Minnesota)

Radio: Ch 16-12



Ship Services Corporation

Location: Gulfport State Port and

Biloxi Back Bay, Beacon ;7

Phone: (601)374-1000


Waterways Marine of Greenville. Inc.

Location: Lower Mississippi, Mile 537

Warfield Point Road

Phone: (601)335-2526

Radio: KWS 617


Fuel Services, Inc.

Location: Bayou Casotte lngalls Avenue

Phone: (601) 762-0636, 762-0640

Radio: Ch 16


Vicksburg Mid-River Services, Inc.

Location: Lower Mississippi, Mile 437

Foot of Lee Street

Phone: (601) 636-4814, 636-7731

Radio: 156.8


St. Louis

St Louis Fuel & Supply Co.. Inc.

Location: Upper Mississippi. Mile 179

Address: Foot of Gratiot Street

Phone: (314)421-3960

Radio: Ch 16. VHR-KDO 722 Fort



Eliza bethtown

Campbell Oil Company, Inc.

Location: 1010 West Broad Street

Phone: (919)862-4107

OREGON all ports see Lilyblad Petroleum listing under

Tacoma, Washington



River Associates, Inc.

Location: Delaware River

Pier 9 North

Phone: (215) 463-8100



Charleston Oil Co.

Location: Ashley and Cooper Rivers, 1553 King St. Extension

Phone: (803) 577-5600


See Savannah Oil & Chemical,

Savannah, Ga.


See Savannah Oil & Chemical

Savannah. Ga.

Port Royal

See Savannah Oil & Chemical

Savannah. Ga.



Memphis Boat Refueling Service, Inc.

Location: Lower Mississippi, Mile 735

Foot of Illinois Street

Phone: (901) 775-3131

Radio: Ch 16


Waterways Marine of Memphis, inc.

Location: Lower Mississippi, Mile 736

Foot of Beale Street

Phone: (901)525-5761

Radio: Ch 16, 156.6



Grasso Marine Service, Inc.

Location: Galveston Ship Channel

Pelican Island

Phone: (713) 744-2888 (dock) (713) 763-4343 (office)

Lake Jackson

Channel Fueling Service, Inc.

Location: Gulf Intracoastal Waterway

West, Mile 393 1400 Martin Avenue

Phone: (713) 233-5321, 233-5322

Radio: 156.8

Port Arthur

Channel Fueling Service, Inc.

Location: Gulf Intracoastal Waterway

West, Mile 282 5700 Proctor Street

Phone: (713) 962-5S57

Radio: 156.8


Berwick Bay Oil Co., Inc.

Location: Rockport Navigation Harbor,

Intracoastal Canal, Mile 526

See Berwick Bay Oil Listing, Morgan

City. La.



Marine Oil Service. Inc.

Location: Elizabeth River

Address: 71 Radar Street

Phone: (804) 622-0934. 622-3109



Ballard Oil Co.

Location: Lake Washington Ship


Phone: (206) 783-0241


Lilyblad Petroleum. Inc.

Location: Washington and Oregon - all ports

Phone: (206) 572-4402

Radio: KLB radio station

Marysville, Wa.

WASHINGTON all other ports see Lilyblad Petroleum above.


Pt. Pleasant

City Ice & Fuel Co.

Location: Ohio River, Mile 265.3

Address: 224 First Street

Phone: (304) 675-2010

Shell Oil Company

Manager Commercial Communications

One Shell Plaza

Houston, TX. 77002 • Send me the Shell Shallow Draft Marine Products Guide (SOC: 95-79) • Send me the Shell Marine Equipment Lubricants chart (SOC: 122-79) • Send me the Shell Marine Jobber Directory (SOC: 127-79) • Send me the Caprinus R Technical Bulletin (SOC: 17-77) • Send me the Caprinus R brochure (SOC: 32-77)



City State Zip

Peterson Builders Launches

The Captain Frank Medina

The second of a series of 1,200- ton/225-foot seiners being bulit by

Peterson Builders, Inc., Sturgeon

Bay, Wis., splashed into Sturgeon

Bay's waters on January 5, 1980, nearly three months ahead of schedule. The Captain Frank Me- dina (shown above) is owned by the Carolyn M. Corporation of

San Diego, Calif., whose president is experienced and well-known

Joe Medina Jr. The vessel will fish for Star-Kist and will fly the

U.S. flag. She is now in the final outfitting stages and a festive christening and commissioning ceremony will be held in the spring.

Of a completely new design prepared by Ivo (John) Zaninovich of Chula Vista, Calif., the Cap- tain Frank Medina will pack 1,200 tons of tuna in her 17 refriger- ated brine wells. She features the new MARCO "Superseine" model

WS444 winch and a newly de- signed MARCO hydraulic system which includes a 56-inch power block, servo operated control valves and a Caterpillar model

D353 prime mover. An auxiliary hydraulic system in the bow han- dles the anchor windlass, Husky deck crane and speedboat davits.

She will achieve speeds of over 16 knots from her single General

Motors EMD 20E7 engine driv- ing a five-blade 128-inch-diameter

Coolidge stainless-steel propeller through a Falk 5:1 reverse/ reduction gear. Mathers of Se- attle, Wash., supplied the engine and bowthruster controls. Her 48- inch Schottel bowthruster, driven by a GM Detroit Diesel 12V-71 engine, is controlled from either the port bridge wing or the crow's nest, and is interfaced with her

Sperry gyro and autopilot sys- tem to maintain a heading while in a set or drifting. Three Cater- pillar model D353 engines driving 300-kw Kato generators supply the Federal Pacific parallel switch- board. A Vilter refrigeration sys- tem is fitted, which includes four 8-cylinder compressors, over 28,000 feet of ammonia coils in the brinewells, and a brine circu- lating and transfer system utiliz- ing PACO pumps.

The Captain Frank Medina will be equipped for helicopter recon- naissance, including over 12,000 gallons of turbine fuel in double bottom tanks. Her electronic out- fit is most complete, comprising two Sperry MK127E radars, two

Hull model 2320 single-sideband radios (one with a 1-kw Northern linear amplifier), two Hy-Gain

VHF/FM radios, Northern emer- gency SSB, Magnavox satellite navigation receiver, Furuno scan- ning sonar and Baymar recording fathometer, Taiyo VHF and ma- rine band automatic direction finders, and Honor Marine tele- phone and public address systems.

A complete engine monitoring and alarm system was designed and built by Peterson Builders. Pro-

Line of San Diego supplied all the paints for the vessel, including epoxy and polyurethane coatings.

Under construction and await- ing spring launching is Peterson

Builders' third hull in this series, the F/V Jane. She is being con- structed for Venatun, S.A., own- ers of the lead ship of the class, the F/V Napoleon which is rap- idly setting a mark as one of the most successful new tuna boats to enter the fleet.

PBPs general manager Joe

Gagnon has announced that there is production space open for 1981 deliveries, subject to prior com- mitment. The Peterson yard is lo- cated in Sturgeon Bay, Wis. 54235.

APL Opens

New Orleans Office

According to T.J. Rhein, vice president, North America, Amer- ican President Lines has opened a full-service New Orleans, La., office.

The new office, located at Canal

Place One, will serve all of Lou- isiana, southern Mississippi, and southern Alabama. It will be headed by district manager Ross

Warner. 17

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