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B&W Reports Hong Kong

Engine Orders For 1980-81

Burmeister & Wain recently an- nounced that 29 of 44 vessels or- dered by Hon}? Kong shipowners for delivery in 1980-81 will be equipped with B&W engines.

World Wide Shipping Ltd., headed by chairman Sir Yue-

Kong Pao, has chosen Burmeister & Wain's new engine type L-

GFC(A) for 18 of the 24 ships ordered for delivery in 1980-81.

The total propulsive power for the 18 vessels exceeds a quarter of a million bhp.

The engines will be delivered by B&W's licensees, Mitsui Engi- neering and Shipbuilding and Hi- tachi Zosen, as follows: Mitsui— four 7L67GFC and two 6L67GFCA engines; Hitachi—two 6L90GFC, two 6L90GFCA, one 6L80GFCA, one 7L67GFC, and four 8L55-

GFCA engines.

In addition, two 6L80GFCA (Japanese License built) will be delivered for installation in ships built by Kawasaki Heavy Indus- tries, Ltd.

Wah Kwong & Co. (Hong Kong)

Ltd., headed by chairman T.Y.

Chao, has chosen Burmeister &

Wain's L-GFC for 11 of 20 ships ordered for delivery in 1980-81.

These engines will also be delivered by B&W's licensees,

Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuild- ing and Hitachi Zosen, as follows:

Mitsui—one 6L80GFC, six 7L67-

GFC, and three 6L67GFC en- gines; Hitachi—one 6L67GFC engine.

Gdynia America Line

Appoints Davie As N.Y.

Regional Sales Manager

Continuing to build its execu- tive team in anticipation of four new Polish Ocean Lines container ro/ro ships early next year, Don- ald D'Agostino, executive vice president of Gdynia America Line,

POL's agents in the U.S. and Can- ada, has announced the appoint- ment of Ronald G. Davie as re- gional sales manager, New York.

Mr. Davie previously held sales management posts with Seatrain

Lines, ACT/Pace Lines, and U.S.

Lines. He is a member of the

Raritan Traffic Club.

Gulf Oil Trading And

Transportation Division

Will Move To Houston

Gulf Trading & Transporta- tion Company (GT&T), a division of Gulf Oil Corporation, Pitts- burgh, Pa., responsible for ma- rine transportation and the sup- ply, sales and trading of foreign crude oil, will transfer its head- quarters and the bulk of its op- erations to Houston, Texas.

Herbert I. Goodman, president of GT&T, said the move will fa- cilitate the coordination of the crude oil supply function with the

March 1, 1980 27 refining, marketing, exploration and production segments of the corporation already based in

Houston. "Gulf traditionally has depend- ed upon long-term supply con- tracts for much of our refining system requirements," Mr. Good- man said, "but constantly chang- ing conditions in international crude oil supply are now dictat- ing an even more closely coordi- nated effort by all the operating elements of the corporation's oil business, with a great premium on fast reactions and prompt de- cision making. "It has become increasingly clear that GT&T headquarters and operations must be in the same location as its principal cus- tomers and clients, which are

Gulf's refining and production di- visions. This need now dictates our move to Houston."

Following a restructuring of the corporation in 1975, three of

Gulf's operating companies—Gulf

Refining & Marketing Company,

Gulf Oil Exploration and Produc- tion Company, and Gulf Oil Chem- icals Company—moved their head- quarters to Houston.

Gulf Oil Corporation currently employs about 3,000 people in the

Pittsburgh area. Approximately 180 GT&T employees will be in- volved in the move.

The GT&T move to Houston will begin in April, and is sched- uled to be completed in September of this year.

The Raytheon Big Tens. Because we all need reliable radar performance. • Built-in variable range marker with three digit readout pinpoints target distances within 1 /100th of a mile on short ranges, within l/10th of a mile on long ranges. • Choice of 4 or 6-foot antennas, each with 25° vertical beamwidth to compensate for vessel pitch and roll. • Complete controls for tuning, gain, sea clutter and rain suppression, CRT

Ideal for workboats and fishing boats where space is at a premium,

Model 6410 and Model 6425 are also superb back-up radars for large, high-seas vessels. Each features a big 10-inch display in an extremely compact unit that may be pedestal, bulkhead, table-top, or overhead mounted. A number of extra- performance options are available including gyro-stabilization now required on large ocean-going vessels.

River models are also available with statute-mile ranges, stern flasher, and off-centering.

Economical installations.

These Mariners Pathfinder®

Radars have a combined scanner/ transceiver for easy installation aloft.

An optional below-deck transceiver is available. Model 6410 has a 10-kW output, Model 6425 a 25-kW output for extra long-range performance.

Big-ship features.

Standard features of both units include: • Ten ranges from 1/4 to 64 miles for river, harbor, and high-seas navigation. • Four pulse lengths and repetition rates for optimum target detection and definition on all ranges. intensity, panel illumination, etc. • Manually rotated parallel line cursor. • High-persistance CRT for bright sharp pictures.

Extra performance.

Economical options to meet specific operating requirements include: • Off-centering kit. • Gyro-stabilized north-up presentation kit. • Gyro-interfaced true-bearing kit. • Optical magnifier for the equivalent of a 15-inch picture. • Reflection plotter. • Additional variable range marker with digital readout.

Unmatched two-year warranty.

These Raytheon

Marine products have a two-year limited parts warranty plus one-year free on-board service within 50 miles of any of our 210

U.S. dealers and worldwide service network in major ports everywhere.


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