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Kaune Named Assistant

General Manager At

Todd-San Francisco

Capt. James E. Kaune, USN (ret.), has been appointed assist- ant general manager of the San

Francisco (Calif.) Division of Todd

Shipyards, according to Carl R.

Meurk, Group vice president-West

Coast, Todd Shipyards Corpora- tion.

Capt. James E. Kaune

Captain Kaune joins the Todd organization after an outstanding

Naval career encompassing more than 30 years of various senior industrial and fleet responsibili- ties. Prior to retirement, his Navy assignments were as Command- ing Officer, Long Beach Naval

Shipyard, and as Supervisor of

Shipbuilding, Conversion and Re- pair, Long Beach. More recently,

Captain Kaune was on the corpo- rate staff of the American Metal

Bearing Co., with responsibilities for Planning, Production Control and Engineering.

Mr. Meurk explained that in his new duties with Todd Ship- yards, San Francisco, Captain

Kaune will be responsible for

Planning and Scheduling, Engi- neering, Estimating, Quality As- surance, and overall administra- tion of Naval Overhaul programs.

R.L. Crocker Promoted

To Manager Of Quality

Assurance At Bath

He has been involved in qual- ity control at the shipyard since 1965, as a technical writer, au- ditor, quality assurance engineer, and then as section head of Ma- terial Surveillance.

Retired as a major from the

U.S. Army Reserve, graduate of both the Army Missile School and

Armor Officer Career Course, Mr.

Crocker joined Bath Iron Works in 1957 in production planning.

Richard D. Rogers Named

To Executive Posts By

Pott Industries Inc.

Richard D. Rogers has been appointed vice president-Engi- neering of the Cora Dock Corpo- ration and manager, Special Proj- ects of Federal Barge Lines by

Pott Industries Inc. The announce- ment was made by Robert A.

Kyle, president of Federal Barge

Lines, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pott Industries. Pott is a mem- ber of the Houston Natural Gas

Corporation group of companies.

Mr. Rogers will be responsible for the construction and all as- pects of the future operations of the Cora Dock Coal Terminal.

He has a B.S. degree in me- chanical engineering from Prince- ton University, as well as an

M.B.A. degree from the Univer- sity of Virginia.

Three Key Appointments

Announced At Solus

Ocean Systems, Aberdeen

Solus Ocean Systems have made the following executive appoint- ments as the first part of a planned corporate reorganization to transfer the company's Eu- rope and West Africa headquar- ters from Hounslow, Middlesex to

Aberdeen, Scotland.

Colin James has been appointed, manager, unmanned submersibles.

Prior to this appointment, Mr.

James, a submersible pilot, was manager of RCV operations for


Clive Keenlyside has been ap- pointed inspection and project en- gineering sales manager with re- sponsibility for Europe and West

Africa. Mr. Keenlyside has been with Solus Ocean Systems for six years, and was previously man- ager of the company's NDT in- spection service in the North Sea area.

Tony Gilbert has been ap- pointed corrosion control and proj- ect engineering sales manager re- sponsible for Europe and West

Africa. Prior to this appointment,

Mr. Gilbert was paint inspection manager with Solus Schall. He also served as sales and technical manager with Ramco Oil and Ma- rine Services.

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Richard L. Crocker

John F. Sullivan Jr., president of Bath Iron Works, Bath, Maine, recently announced the promotion of Richard L. Crocker to manager of Quality Assurance.

He succeeds Edward J. Tremb- lay, who has been reassigned as marketing manager of Special


Mr. Crocker's new responsibil- ities include quality assurance procedures, dimensional control, audits and reports, materials in- spection, vendor quality controls, and nondestructive testing.



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Fully Integrated Shipyard Facilities - Work Force 4500 Skilled Employees

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