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ALMOST A CENTURY OF SERVICE • Our piers can accommodate vessels up to 800' long, with a beam of 130' and a 32' draft at low water. A new 8 ton gantry crane travels 300' fore or aft of a vessel.

A foundry and fully equipped shops for ma- chine, pipe, plate, electrical, boiler and carpentry work are maintained to service all ship and barge repairs, on a 'round-the-clock basis.

U.S.C.G. accepted, certified welders available for pressure and exotic material welding.

PADD is centrally located in the heart of the

N.Y.-N.J. port complexes within 3 miles of 9 major oil terminals.

A vast inventory of parts and equipment en- ables us to complete jobs in less time, thus minimizing extended layovers.






PERTH AMBOY, N.J. 08862 201/826-5000 • 212/269-6996


C. A.C.I.

Logistics Engineering Division

Effective, timely solutions to managerial, operational and logistics problems by application of advanced research, analysis and computer software techni- ques

U.S. Navy



Fitting Out Support



Logistics Systems



Systems Analysis • Warehousing • Staging of Material for Offshore

Construction • Packaging Repair

Parts Sets for

Planned and



Washington D.C. Area Office and Headquarters 1815 North Fort Myer Drive

Arlington. Virginia 22209 • (703) 841 7911

Los Angeles, San Diego. Norfolk. Dayton.

Harrisburg. London, Amsterdam,

Hamburg, Dublin, Boston, Connecticut,

Las Vegas, New York, Pasadena j


El Rey, Trailer Marine Transport Corpora- tion's fourth triple-deck barge, departed

Jacksonville, Fla., on January 18 for its maiden voyage to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The El Rey (shown above), the final in a series of four mammoth triple-deck barges, was built in Portland, Ore., by the Marine and Rail Equipment Division of the FMC

Corporation. After being launched from

FMC's ways, the El Rey was towed from

Portland through the Panama Canal to join

Crowley's Trailer Marine Transport fleet op- erating in the Caribbean. Upon arrival in

Puerto Rico, christening ceremonies for the barge were held on January 24 at the TMT

Isla Grande Terminal in San Juan. The wife of the Governor of Puerto Rico, Kate Don- nelly de Romero, christened the El Rey.

Thomas B. Crowley, president and chairman of Crowley Maritime Corporation, Leo L.

Collar, James B. Rettig, and J. Alec Merriam, members of the Crowley Management Com- mittee, arrived in San Juan on January 21 for a week of activities in commemoration of Crowley Maritime Corporation's 10 years and TMT's 26 years of service to Puerto

Rico. The 580-foot by 105-foot by 57-foot vessel joins three identical triple-deck barges in TMT's roll-on/roll-off trailer service be- tween the U.S. Mainland and the Caribbean.

The El Rey and its sister vessels, La Reina,

EI Conquistador, and La Princesa, are the largest ro/ro barges in the world. Each car- ries up to 374 forty- and forty-five-foot trailers. Triple-deck loading ramps at both

Jacksonville and San Juan permit the mam- moth vessels to be completely unloaded and reloaded in as little as eight hours. They are towed by modern 9,000-hp oceangoing tug- boats.

NMC Appoints Two

U.S.-Flag Officials

The National Maritime Council, Washing- ton, D.C., recently announced two top level appointments. Edward Chick, senior vice president/Africa Division, Farrell Lines,

New York, was named National Shipper Ad- visor Coordinator for the entire NMC, serv- ing as liaison with all four NMC Regional

Shipper Advisor Coordinators and their re- spective Shipper Advisory Boards. Michael

Bural, Midwest manager/Americas Services,

Sea-Land Service, Chicago, was appointed

NMC Shipper Advisor Coordinator for the

Midwest Region. Mr. Bural replaces Jack

Smith, vice president, Moore McCormack

Lines, Chicago, who still retains the chair- manship of that Region.

The NMC's Regional Shipper Advisor Co- ordinators also include John A. Vanna, ex- ecutive vice president, Sea-Land Service,

Menlo, Park, N.J. (Eastern Region) ; Joseph

E. Frank, general sales manager, Lykes

Bros. Steamship Co., New Orleans (Central

Region) ; and Fred E. Waterhouse, vice president, traffic and sales/Pacific Division,

Delta Steamship Lines, San Francisco (West- ern Region).

Serving as the U.S. maritime industry's umbrella trade association, the NMC seeks to strengthen America's maritime industry which, according to C. William Neuhauser,

NMC's executive secretary, is vital to our nation's military and economic security.


SAVE 15% to 20%


Self Contained. Designed and manufactured expressly for rapid unloading of grain. (Approximately 75 tons per hour)

Overall Height 117'/2"

Overall Length 147

Overall Width 87"

Deck Clearance 9 3/8"

Weight (approx) 10,750 lbs.

Engine General Motors 8V71 Diesel

Engine Horsepower 336 @ 2300 RPM

Engine Speed 1900 RPM

Compressor Multi-Stage Centrifugal 1 Lot of Accessory Equipment Avail- able. Included at no cost on sale of both units. F.O.B. our New Jersey warehouse.

Operating Pressure 18'/2"

Mercury at 3900RPM

Fan Blades Aluminum Diecast

Fan Diameter 38"

Fan Housing 1 piece Spinning 3/8" thick plate

Air Lock Valve .... Rotary, Reversible

All-Hydraulic Drive

Cyclone High-efficiency, involute curved entry

Bearings (5) Heavy Duty

Self-Aligning 2 7/16", Labyrinth

Seals plus Dust-Protection $35,927.00 each

NEW! GMC 8Y71 Diesel Engine 5?

Skid-mounled as shown

Engine Type 2 cycle V8 Diesel EQUIPMENT Heavy-Duty

Number of Cylinders 8 PT O. Starting Equipment

Bore and Stroke 4 'A" x 5" and Governor

Total Displacement. . 568 cu./in. F 0 B °ur warehouse New Jersey

Max. Brake H P. Basic Engine 336 @ 2300 RPM CIO III fin

Net Weight. Dry 5400 lbs. vl£p9wUiUU

NEW! GMC 8Y92TI Diesel Engine

Skid-mounted as shown.

Engine Type 2 cycle V8 Diesel

Number of Cylinders 8

Bore and Stroke 4.84"x5"

Total Displacement 736 cu./in.

Max. Brake H.P. Basic Engine 550@ 2300 RPM (Turbo-charged)

Net Weight, Dry 6200 lbs.


Twin Disc. P.T.0.

F.O.B. Our warehouse Portland, Oregon $22,944.00


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