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Falls Church, Virginia 22044 USA

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Marine Contractors Begins

Work On $68-Million

Turnkey Project

Marine Contractors, Inc., a sub- sidiary of J. Ray McDermott &

Co., Inc., announced the begin- ning of a $68-million turnkey project for Sociedade Nacionale de Combustives (SONANGOL) and Cabinda Gulf Oil Company (CABGOC). The project includes the design, engineering, fabrica- tion and installation of three gas injection platforms and their process facilities off the coast of

Cabinda, Angola, West Africa.

The project is scheduled to be completed in 18 months. By then, two 8-pile platforms, a 6-pile plat- form, with utilities and pipelines will be installed, and their gas lift, injection, dehydration, NGL extraction and fractionating fa- cilities started up.

Several McDermott divisions and subsidiaries will participate in the project's distinct phases.

Hudson Engineering Corporation of Houston, Texas, will perform the design, engineering and pro- curement of materials. The two 8-pile and one 6-pile jackets will be fabricated by the McDermott

Fabricators at Morgan City, La.

The Bayou Black Division, also located near Morgan City, and the Harvey Fabrication Division at Harvey, La., will fabricate and complete the process decks and facilities. Marine Contractors will install the three platforms off the

Cabinda coast.

Storck Publishes 1980

Service Stations For Ships

The 1980 edition of "Service

Stations for Ships" offers infor- mation about 32 marine suppliers (i.e., propulsion, equipment, com- ponents, deck machines, gears, fire protection), with delivery pro- grams and worldwide service sta- tions in part one (white pages).

Part two (yellow pages) con- tains details about the facilities of repair yards in Denmark, the

Netherlands, and the Federal Re- public of Germany.

This annual publication is avail- able free of charge to shipping companies, ship masters and chief engineers, consulting bureaus and shipyards.

For a free copy of the 1980 edition of "Service Stations for

Ships," write K.O. Storck & Co.,

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