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Use Of Combustion

To Combat Oil Spills —Report Available

Practical information on using combustion to combat oil spills is contained in a report released recently by the Department of En- ergy's Pacific Northwest Laboratory (oper- ated by Battelle Memorial Institute).

The purpose of the report is to provide decision-makers with information they can use when considering combustion as an op- tion in combating oil spills. Use of combus- tion is evaluated for disposing of oil within a stricken vessel, oil on water and oil-con- taminated debris.

The study was conducted by researchers in Battelle's Water and Land Resources De- partment and sponsored by the Department of Energy (DOE) and the United States

Coast Guard.

Part one of the two-part report is a prac- tical guide that summarizes results of the study. "It classifies oils by their combusti- bility potential and gives information on the technical feasibility of burning oil," said

C. Hugh Thompson, project manager. Signif- icant points to consider in deciding whether to use combustion and research and tech- nology development needs complete part one.

The statements in part one are based on data in part two, the resource document. It examines use histories of oil spills and in- cludes theoretical studies of oil combustibility under varying weather conditions. Part two

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Division of Steelstran Industries, Incorporated also includes a discussion of the ethics of oil burning and a comparison of combustion with other alternatives for dealing with oil spills.

Parts one and two are contained in a sin- gle volume entitled "Combustion: An Oil

Spill Mitigation Tool," available from the

National Technical Information Service,

United States Department of Commerce, 5285 Port Royal Road, Springfield, Va. 22151.

McDermott Norge Receives $100-Million Amoco Norway

Letter Of Intent

McDermott Norge, a division of Oceanic

Contractors, Inc., which is a subsidiary of

J. Ray McDermott & Co., Inc., has received a letter of intent for a $100-million contract with Amoco Norway Oil Company. McDer- mott Norge will act as the prime contractor for the fabrication of production/compres- sion facilities in the Valhall field in the

Norwegian sector of the North Sea. Included in the project are the hookup and commis- sioning of the facilities.

These topside facilities are made up of a three-level deck weighing 7,100 tons, four separate modules with a total weight of 6,700 tons, a 120-ton bridge, and a 300-ton flare boom.

Fabrication will begin in Norway and is scheduled to be completed in January 1981, with final hookup scheduled for July 1981.

The facilities will be installed atop an 8-pile jacket now being completed under a separate $22-million contract by the McDer- mott Fabricators Division in Morgan City,

La. Oceanic will transport the jacket and install it at a site in the Valhall field where water depth is 230 feet.

In other projects related to the develop- ment of the Valhall field, McDermott Norge has responsibility for the fabrication of

Amoco's quarters platform. It will also in- stall this platform and hookup and commis- sion facilities on it. This contract formerly belonged to the Netherlands Offshore Com- pany.

McDermott Norge also has notices of in- tent from Amoco to transport and install a drilling platform in the Valhall field and to lay and bury two 20-inch pipelines (one to transport oil, one for gas) from the field 22 miles north to facilities in the Ekofisk field.

Partnership In Hopper

Dredging Firm Formed —Gulf Coast Trailing

The formation of Gulf Coast Trailing

Company was recently announced by G.W.

James Jr., president, T.L. James & Com- pany, Inc., Ruston, La., and G.J. De Wolf, director, Hollandsche Aanneming Maats- chappy BV (HAM), Rijswijk, Holland. Gulf

Coast Trailing Company, a partnership of the two major construction and dredging companies, was organized to participate in the seagoing hopper dredging industry in the United States.

The company's first hopper dredge of 1,000 cubic meters is presently under con- struction at Twin City Shipyard, St. Paul,

Minn., and should be ready for service by

June 1980.

Gulf Coast Trailing Company's offices are co-located with those of T.L. James & Com- pany, Inc. in Kenner, La. L.A. Hubert Jr. has been appointed general manager of Gulf

Coast Trailing Company, in addition to his current responsibilities as manager, Special

Projects for T.L. James & Company, Inc.







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