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Intake 100% open M.S. Mikiona

Exhaust 90% open h

Dillinqhamdoes. Saving over $20,000 a year In each

Fairbanks Morse engine with Shell's Caprinus R Oil.

Intake 100% open M.S. Mikioi

Exhaust 90% open

The "Mikioi", powered with twin Mdl 38D8 -1/8 6-cylinder engines, and the "Mikiona", powered with twin Mdl 38D8 -1/8 10-cylinder engines, have logged over 13,600 hours each since their last overhaul. In both boats, Caprinus * R has been the engine lubricant for more than 3,000 hours — preceded by Shell's Caprinus T Oil.

Since Dillingham switched to Shell's Caprinus oil the boats have logged over 5,000 hours each without a single day of downtime to clean engine ports.

M. Kent Whitman, Vice President and Manager of Dillingham Tug and Barge Corporation in

Hawaii, estimates downtime costs for each of

Dillingham's ocean-going tugs at $4,000 per day. Shunsaku Hirano, Assistant Maintenance

Supervisor, estimated that with the engine lube previously used, an HV1 base oil, each of the two boats required a three-day downtime period every 1,500 hours (about three times a year) for cleaning of intake and exhaust ports due to excessive power-robbing deposits. Labor costs for the cleaning totaled about $1900 each time the boats were down.

With the previous oil — each boat averaged 9 days downtime a year, at $4,000 per day, plus 3 cleanings a year at $1,900 each — or about $41,700 every year for each boat

Look at the pictures (left). They show intake and exhaust ports from the engines of the Mikioi and the Mikiona. Ports are clear. That's because

Caprinus R with Shell's premium MVI base oil doesn't form hard deposits. It helps keep exhaust port deposits soft and friable. As power output varies, these deposits slough (break) off keeping the ports open and improving air scavenging efficiency.

Whitman stated, "...we looked for an oil that could help us reduce unscheduled downtime and Caprinus R has proved it can do it" And,

Hirano added, "...with Caprinus R there has been a vast improvement over the HVI base oil we did use in keeping the engines clean and ports clear...wear rates are down and the boats run longer between service intervals. Caprinus R does the job for us."

Dillingham Tug & Barge has found out what

Caprinus R can do in Fairbanks Morse engines and in its EMDs too. The high alkalinity, high dispersancy additives, in a premium MVI base oil provide the right combination for the protection the big medium-speed diesels need. Keep them clean, wear rates low and deposits at a minimum.

What could you save with Caprinus R Oil? Tiy it in ALCO, EMD and Fairbanks Morse and you'll know. Write us for more information.

Write: Shell Oil Company,

Manager, Commercial


One Shell Plaza,

Houston, TX 77002

Come to 'Caprinus is a trademark and Is - used as such in this writing. Shell for answers

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