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Magnavox Offers New

Monitoring System —Literature Available

Improved marine safety and economy are being achieved with a new communication tool called the Vessel Monitoring System, ac- cording to the system's manufac- turer, the Advanced Products Di- vision of Magnavox, Torrance,


Designed for use with an MX 111 Shipboard Marisat Terminal, the VMS automatically transmits current data from virtually any sensor aboard to any designated telex station in the world at pre- selected intervals. The ship's home office can thus be provided an au- tomatic running record of the ves- sel's position, engine room data, cargo, or weather conditions with- out adding to the duties of ship's personnel.

In operation, the system auto- matically dials the designated telex number via Marisat satel- lite at the preselected time, veri- fies the answer-back, transmits the interfaced sensor's current reading, re-verifies the connec- tions, and then disconnects.

The VMS is expected to be par- ticularly valuable as a watchdog over cargo sensors on LNG and other hazardous cargo carriers, and in emergency situations.

From a ship in distress, it can supply position data automatically as frequently as every 16 min- utes. Tied into an engine room monitor such as Decca Isis, it can serve as an early warning alert to potential engine trouble.

In addition to its regular trans- missions, nonscheduled reports can be initiated at any time by the shipboard operator or by a coded command from the receiv- ing station. The transmission in- terval can also be changed by either operator.

For a free brochure and fur- ther information, contact Gary

Clark, Magnavox Government and

Industrial Electronics Company,

Marine Systems Operation, 2829

Maricopa Street, Torrance, Calif. 90503.

Dravo Appoints Peter K.

Sour As Vice President

Peter K. Sour

Peter K. Sour has been ap- pointed vice president of sales for

Dravo Mechling, the barge line subsidiary of Dravo Corporation,

Pittsburgh, Pa. Since joining

Dravo in 1975, Mr. Sour has served as controller and vice pres- ident of finance for Dravo Mech- ling and Dravo Equipment Com- pany. Prior to Dravo, he was em- ployed by the Nestle Company,

Inc. for more than 10 years in assignments both in this country and abroad.

New Diesel Introduced

By Cummins Engine-

Literature Available

Cummins Engine Company has introduced a new 16-cylinder ma- rine diesel, the KTA-3067-M, that produces 1,250 bhp at 1,800 rpm during continuous-duty operation.

Complete free literature is now available on the new engine, which is the most powerful in the Cum- mins K series line of engines de- signed to produce high-power out- put in a lightweight package with high reliability and durability.

The fuel-efficient KTA-3067-M

Cummins marine diesel has a 63 gallon per hour continuous rating.

The compact, V-configuration engine is 120 inches long, 53 inches wide and 76 inches high.

It weighs 10,700 pounds with standard accessories, but without gear.

The new marine diesel is turbo- charged and aftercooled, and has individual cylinder heads for eas- ier maintenance.

For literature containing com- plete information and specifica- tions, write James Thacker, Cum- mins Engine Company, Inc., 1000 5th Street, Columbus, Ind. 47201.

If you intend to build ships competitively inthe1980's... you should talk with ITS!

Shape fabrication line. Panel line.


TTS concepts and production systems are being employed worldwide to significantly reduce overall costs in the marine construction industries.

Our panel and section assembly line concepts have the flexibility to build any kind of ship, and are suited for shipyards of all sizes. Depending upon scantlings, two to ten manhours per ton are realistic production figures.

TTS emphasis is placed on improved material hand- ling, flexible fixturing, and improved working con- ditions as opposed to cumbersome and costly equip- ment.

Our shape fabrication concepts have proven them- selves as a cost effective adjunct to traditional ship fabrication processes.

All our systems are engineered to be compatible with each builder's requirements and capabilities and are designed to be installed on existing shop floors. These systems are both practical and econo- mical. Increases in productivity are real and immed- iate.

TTS know-how and experience can assist you in pre- paring for the 80's and beyond; we have done so for others the world over, again and again.

Panel lines • Section assembly lines • Shape fabrication lines • Heavy lift transport systems

Total Transportation Systems Inc 813 Forrest Drive*P.O. Box 6127 Telephone (804) 595-515

Newport News, Va. 23606

Telephon 595-5153

TWX 710-880-0003


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